Black box Bolide

  1. Just wondering if anyone has a black box bolide? I have never seen one. At least I don't think I have and I was wondering if they make the 37 cm in Box. Does it get a patina like the Box Birkin or Kelly?
  2. I have seen a 31 and I also know we have members owning that size. I have yet to see a 37. It will patina.
  3. I had one and YES it does Patina beautifully.......all Box calf does.......I do know Bolides come in 37cm but haven't seen one in Box calf. That doesn't mean it's not MADE in Box calf just that I haven't had the opportunity to actually see one.
  4. I have the 37 cm in Ardennes and I've decided I love the Rigide. I just wonder if it even comes in Box in 37 cm.
  5. it was made in 37 box BUTwith the scarcity of box these daysitwill be very hard toget
  6. Any idea what ridgide leathers I could get the 37 cm in? Thanks for the info on the "tadlak" thread:s Spelling was pretty atrocious alright.
  7. I have a 37cm in fjord--very stiff, yet still feels silky. I can't compare it to box, as I don't own any box items.
  8. bb bolide 31, ghw


    black box birkin a1.JPG black box bolide e1.JPG
  9. Wow! I'd never seen a Bolide in box. Fabulous!!

  10. Oh my!!! That's quite a bag!!! :love:
  11. Also thinking about buying a Bolide in box calf (but in 31)....
  12. OH, Katel. What I would not give to come play with your collection....
  13. Katel-Has the most precious bags!!
  14. Katel - gorgeous!