Black Bowling!

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  1. Hi ladies:flowers:
    Yesterday i've gone to my lovely boutique and i've seen the new style called Bowling..
    I fall in love immediately...but 4 days ago i've purchased in this boutique a greige twiggy to replace my greige city which i sold.
    So i asked the SA if she could accept my twiggy back and give me the black Bowling...
    I've came back home with this beauty and i've ordered also a greige bowling or mini-bowling because i love this colour so much!
    Here are some pics..
  2. Manage attachments is not working :hysteric:
  3. I can't see the pics..:shrugs:
  4. Hi Miss-Lilly, could i send to you pics?
  5. Oh, OK!:flowers:
  6. Sure!:yes:
    I'll PM you my e-mail address
  7. So here are the pics of l_b's beautiful bag:yahoo: :
    Balenciaga_022[1].JPG Balenciaga_019[1].JPG Balenciaga_020[1].JPG Balenciaga_017[1].JPG Balenciaga_016[1].JPG Balenciaga_012[1].JPG
  8. l_b it looks so great on you!!!:love: :heart:
  9. Thank you Christina!
  10. Is it too big on me? I'm only 5.3
  11. It looks lovely on you!
  12. I :heart: big bags so my answer would be no, it looks great!
    I think it reminds me of the Muse:yes:
  13. I was thinking the same Christina.. and i have already a Muse in Dark Chocolate..
  14. l_b looove your bowling bag!
  15. how much does it cost? where did you get it? can you post contact number of the store
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