Black Bowler ???

  1. Hi

    Do the black non patent Bowler have a light color lining? ...Thanks! :smile:
  2. Cilifene,

    I have black patent Elise, the lining is cream canvas.
  3. Thanks! ... I 'm sure its cream in bowler too then....don't you think? :smile:
  4. Most likely. =) The lining is cream canvas in my patent bowler in chalk (off-white) also. I checked out Brown's website, the picture for "Marc Jacobs leather quilted bowler bag" in Black is Patent (looks like it) and the picture for Camel is Non-Patent (more matte). Hope you will like the one you will be getting.
  5. Yeah!! I know, it looks like patent ....I mailed them yesterday and asked. It does not matter wich one I will get :noworry:... I am sure I will love it. I have just today been to the store to see the patent, and that is beautiful too ;)....I am very excited :smile:
  6. Got mail from Browns, it is the regular :yes:....DHL will bring it out today. That is so fast! I orded the bag sunday evening!!:amazed:
  7. I just got the small black bowler (non patent) for my birthday. And yes the inside is canvas. I love it! It's so classic!
  8. Hi miss Kitana :smile: Congrats!! :biggrin: ....I got mine yesterday evening, and is so beautiful and classic....Have fun with yours! ;)
  9. Cilifene & Miss Kitana: Congrats! =)
  10. Thanks! :biggrin:
  11. Thanks ladies! And CONGRATS Cilifene!!!! Post a pic! I want to see yours! I'll post mine too later tonight :P
  12. here's mine... i just :heart: :heart: :heart: it!
    marc jacobs quilted ursula-black.jpg
  13. Ohh...yours is the large? mine is "just" the small one ;)
    bowler.JPG bowler2.JPG
  14. Hey Cilifine,
    I have the small one too! I found that pic online and I guess it was the big one... but yeah I have the one you have too! Don't you just love it? It's a great everyday bag too!

    Congrats on yours!
  15. oooh! I have this one on Saks.....LOVE THAT BAG!!!!!
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