Black boots, OR, brown boots ?!

  1. I can't make up my mind, black boots or brown boots? Knee high length.

    I know how absolutely vague that sounds, but I can't make up my mind on pairs in general for the knee length slouch and can only buy one. I would imagine brown being more versatile, but I have ALL black heels, so it's hard to want to take the plunge and get brown boots.

    I guess I'm just straight out asking which color for boots are more popular? Because I would definitely base a choice as simple as color on that, but to be honest, I never put in the effort to look this winter season. I do think brown was the most seen. Sometimes black looks too overpowering.

    So vague, sorry! I'm such a picky shopper, especially when I can only get one.
  2. i think black would be great!
    i love how it looks with black skinny jeans
  3. If you have to choose one, always choose just works better with most outfits.
  4. I wear basically only neutral colors, and never anything vibrant. However the black still makes it so confusing because maybe brown would match but... black would match too!

    These are the two I'm deciding between, and honestly, these things are only like $30 so I wonder if they're REALLY cheaply made?
    The price is perfect but... I don't know. I am so clueless with boots and I keep letting time go by without putting effort into finding the right ones for me. =\

    And you can tell me they look ugly if they do, because it will only help! I promise! haha
    7abd_1.JPG.jpg 3599_1.JPG.jpg
  5. Black! Black is the "it" color right now.
  6. Black! I bought a lot of brown boots over the winter...and haven't even worn any of them yet.
  7. if you go with black, you'll never be wrong!:p
  8. agh, black! My first guess, but then I started to change my mind. Maybe I will still go with them... by the way, these are the ones in question:
  9. I think you need to take a peek in your closet. What colors do you wear more often? Which color do you like best with those colors? What colors are other accessories (like do you own any brown bags? Do you always carry an orange bag that will remind you of halloween with black?). The one that proves to be most versitile is the color you should purchase.
  10. I would get them in black and then later on if you have enjoyed your black ones and you have extra money buy them in brown.
  11. ITA. Black is common, but if you have gold, brown, taupe, cream colored bags or tops, the brown may be your better option.
  12. I started buying brown boots this winter - and I love them! I find them super classic - having said that, I have collected a lot of black boots over the years.
    As for this pair - they seem fine but IMO there are two points to consider: if they are rather simply made the heel may not balance well and you may be uncomfy - better to get a flatter pair then. And, sometimes black leather looks 'less' expensive than brown leather, if you know what I mean.

    This is one of the reasons why I sometimes would rather buy second -hand (very well preserved) and pay a little on top to have high end designer shoes.
  13. If you don't have a pair of black boots then you definitely need that as a staple in your closet.

    I bought a pair of Chocolate Brown Tod's boots - a bit more casual style and I love those. But I only bought them in brown because I have a few pair of black.

    I'll see if I can dig up a pic.
  14. Here they are:
  15. I would get black before getting brown. But if you're undecided....VERY DARK brown boots can go with either all-black outfits OR colored outfits. I have a pair of dark brown-almost blackish boots that go with everything!!