Black Boogie Bucket vs Black Minilisa: Part 2

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Boogie or Minilisa? Which to Keep?

  1. Keep the Boogie!!!!

  2. Keep the Minilisa!!!!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Ok, so first I must say that my dear BF was such a good sport!!! He absolutely LOATHES my handbag addiction. But today he was so supportive and helpful. He helped me open the box, set up the bags in good lighting. Took as many pics as I wanted and gave me opinions on getting the best angles. He even voted! :wtf: I'll let you know which one he liked best a little later. On to the good stuff!....

    First let me say that black crunch leather is SOOOOO SEXY!!! I can't use any other adjective it's just hella sexy! And I'm contemplating spraying it because I think the shine kinda adds to it's sex appeal, lol.

    First the Boogie...
    She was everything I expected her to be. Gorgeous, supple and slouchy. I love the black on black. And I love the silver hardware. She wasn't even stiff! Slouchy straight out of the box! Once I put my stuff inside it was like welcoming an old friend. Holding all my precious belongings, yet still so lightweight and comfy.

    The Minilisa...
    The first think I noticed was how small it was. But once I took the stuffing out and transferred my PursetoGo I then noticed how small it ISN'T! This thing really does have a bottomless pit! I'm used to having room because I have a lot of big slouch hobo's but I still had plenty room left in the Minilisa. It felt like I had nothing on my shoulder...even with all my stuff in it! I don't love the brass hardware but I don't dislike it either. It looks fine on the bag, I just think silver hardware would look better. But the brass would not dissuade me from keeping it. It was kinda refreshing too not to have a huge bag on my arm but not to have to give up any belongings either.

    On to the pics...





    Side by Side frontal shot


    Side by Side profile shot (look at them trying to out-do each other!)


    Some modeling shots to follow. :tup:

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  2. wow, both are gorgeous. But from your comments, I vote Boogie.
  3. Modeling shots taken by my sweetheart. :love: And if you're thinkin... "Hey, Knaz looks a little slimmer today!" it's cause I AM!!!! As of last week when I bought some new jeans I am officially back in a size 6!!:yahoo: BF noticed too!

    The Boogie


    The Minilisa


    Holding them together


    So guys let me know all your opinions!!! I go back and forth so not sure. So far the score is Minilisa - 1 Boogie - 0. My BF chose the Minilisa!!

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  4. Those are both sooo nice. Tough choice. I vote....... Boogie
  5. All three of you are downright sexy, Knas. No doubt about it.

    And I kind of like the brass hardware, really.

    This is a very very tough decision. I haven't voted yet. I will. But not yet. I'm still looking from one to the other. I really really really can't decide.

    That Boogie is SICK (to quote some cool person I know).......

    The Minilisa is just.....she's like Marilyn Monroe hot...sultry in that 'men and women know I'm hot' kind of way.
  6. I'm partial to the Minilisa!!! I love that it has a zip top, and is super slouchy and very stylish. It does look super sexy in black too!!!!! BTW, you look fab!
  7. I am partial to the Minilisa. I love the slouch and I also love the zipper top. I just think that it is a very sexy bag in black. Good Luck deciding!
  8. OMG Liz, we said almost the same exact thing-lol! Great minds think alike, eh?? ;)
  9. Thanks everyone!!! Voodoo, my coolness is just a reflection of the company I keep! :hugs:

    Well guys it is really making my head hurt trying to decide, lol. I think I need to step away from the computer and distract myself for a while. I wish I could keep both but that's a no-way, nuh-uh. :nogood:
  10. Oh yeah I was impressed at how smooth the zipper was too!
  11. Dang! Just when I had rationalized that buying a black tano was something I'd never do b/c of the awesome colors, I stumbled on to this thread and want them both......................ahhhhhhhh!
  12. I'm not voting yet because I don't know which one I like better, your pictures are making it harder for me to decide which one I like better. My first thought is what MissN would say "keep both". Which one did bf like better (I thought the only thing he liked was the giraffe)?
  13. Great minds do think alike and great minds love Tano!:tup:
  14. Oh, boy, this is a tough one....

    My vote has to go with the minilisa on this one. I think the fact that it holds so much but doesn't feel like a ton is a big deal. There aren't many styles that can pull that off. I LOVE the boogie, too, but I think you'll appreciate having a smaller bag as an alternative.

    Extra kudos to your BF for taking all the pics. Tell him he did an awesome job!:tup:
  15. my vote goes to the minilisa. I love love love it