Black 'Boobie' on sale $84

  1. They had boobies/planets on sale, I think black was left. Hope a TPF member who is interested gets one. If you do want it I'd suggest you describe it to them as the SAs seemed a little confused.

    Talulah G
    Summerlin, Las Vegas
    Phone: 702 932 7000
  2. Thanks for the tip. I've always wanted one of these!! I'm going to call! :flowers:
  3. Cool, I'm thrilled if one goes to a TPF member - I hope I wasn't too late in posting! I've always benefitted from everyone's advice here so when I heard I had to post!
  4. Thank you for posting :heart:
  5. Thanks for sharing :smile:
  6. Great price for a boobie!
  7. Sorry but I'm feeling a bit in the dark here and hate having to ask this question (never really thought I would say this), but here goes, with regards to this post only:

    What's a boobie?

  8. I think people are referring to the Balenciaga round coin purses. Check out the Balenciaga forum for pics.
  9. can we see pix here?
  10. I was at Talulah G couple days ago and did not see any..what happened?? I missed that? OMG I have to call them~!
  11. They are gone :sad: I just called and tried to ordee all sold out no more anywhere :sad: sooooooo sad I just left class and tried calling for 20 min got thru and was told they r gone :sad: booo

    Thanks for the heads up tho!1
  12. dammit
  13. did anyone get one?
  14. The SA told me they were sold out as soon as they mark them down last week or so :crybaby:
  15. I already have two boobs. Now why do I need to spend $84 to get a third one. What am I missing?