Black Blake with Gold hardware

  1. Hey all,

    I'm dying for a black blake with gold hardware...but can't currently pay full price for it. Do these ever go on sale? or can I do price matches somehow? Sigh maybe i'll just have to be patient to get it. Any advice would be helpful though! Thanks
  2. Because black is considered season-less, it is not a color that usually goes on sale. However, if you wait for a F&F event you should be able to get 20-25% off the regular price. If that is still out of your price range you might want to consider eBay.
  3. I've seen them on consignment at places like Ann's Faboulous Finds.

    I know it's not a Blake but Nordstrom put the Venetia on sale fro the anniversary sale.

  4. Great idea!!!! I have one...Bought it during F & F...otherwise full price for sure...I love this bag..I haven't used it yet but I take it out to look at it all the time....You can't go wrong with this bag...There are other membershere that have it and they'll tell you the same thing...Good luck!!!:tup:
  5. What is F & F?
  6. F&F = Friends & Family Event
  7. Emmy
    what you haven't taken her out yet? why she looked so great on you, you must take her for a spin soon :yes: