Black Blake Topstitching Question

  1. I am new to Marc Jacobs handbags, but once I laid my eyes on the Blake, I knew I was in love.Please excuse my ignorance if this is a stupid question, but does a black colored blake also come in black topstitching? I only seem to find photos with only cream topstitching. Also does the black blake ever go on sale? or is it the same price all year long because it is a classic color?
  2. I think it depends on what season/ year its from. I have never seen it on sale but I dont search that often. When I bought my spearmint blake that was on sale, Saks had black too but it wasnt on sale. That was a few years ago though....
  3. Generally classic colors like black and white do not go on sale. However, I have seen both a Black and a Mouse Quilted Blake go on sale once (back in December) for around $700.
  4. The recent resort 06 season had black bags with black stitching, I don't know if you can find those on sale...if it's from earlier seasons you can look through Saks and NM Last Call but I don't think I usually see black bags there :sad:
  5. I bought a Black Blake with white stitching and silver hardware on sale at NM last year. IIRC it was $600 something.

    I have since sold it since I didn't like the constrast stitching.
  6. i think the new season has black on black. I don't know exactly which season but i have definitely seen black on black stitching for his bags recently... hopefully one of the other experts can confirm that the season for you.
  7. ^Yeah the new ones have black on black w/ gold hardware...LOVE them!!! Holy crap if these do ever go on sale I'm selling a kidney to get one!!! Do a search here to confirm exactly which season it is....not sure if it's Cruise '07 or Spring '07....Bag.lover where are ya girl?
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  11. Soft Calf Classic styles in black (from Resort 06 and Spring 07) have black stitching and gold hardware. Resort 06 styles are lined with brown suede; Spring 07 styles have gray suede lining.
  12. You guys are soo funny. Thanks for the info, it is much appreciated.
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