1. Ok, here is a long overdue promised pic. This is my bare bones group that I take everywhere with me pretty much...minus the gold chamonix kelly, gold birkin, toile/barenia birk and the choc. kelly, which all are in spa for cleaning at the moment and the new one which I didn't have when I took this. Someone please remind me not to put one entire category in for cleaning at the same time!:yes: I'll never make that mistake again!

    p.s. vert anis ostrich birk on the way and whenever i can get my hands on one, a 35cm black croc birkin with GH - the wedding gift from my new DH! I'm holding out for GH...might have to end up doing another color instead...I mean, look at the sheer number of black bags...four! Dunno....
  2. What an elegant collection
  3. So pretty!!!!! :yahoo:
  4. What a gorgeous collection!!
  5. Oh LE I love these! Would you mind describing what the bags are?
  6. Wow. Look at all those beautiful scarves. Love the bags as well. Fabulous taste.
  7. Nice collection! What is the bag in the background (I can't really see). Nice scarves too!
  8. With all that black, our collections could be twins.
  9. Gorgous Lady Emma!
    Your cat looks absolutely ready to pounce on that Kelly!
    Lovely scarves as well.

    Thanks for sharing!!!
  10. Thank you! I started with my very first scarf, the black "keys" with gold and dark red keys on it...and was hooked. Once I discovered bags, though, I was history! My new DH I think has a small clue what he's in store for, but in the end I think he'll be okay with it. He has a thing for 18th and 19th century antiques, so....ha!

    The black 40 in the back is togo with PH. I call her "slouchy."
    On the left is the mystery 35cm bag, which we think is Gulliver. GH.
    My girl on the right is Miss 32cm vintage croc kelly, which my mum gave me ages ago.

    There is a little black togo address book on the ground...and a constance belt, black box on one side, gold clemence on the other, and PH.

    The scarves starting from the far left:

    aqua/gold Les Cavaliers D'Or
    white with black and brown boots - a props de bottes
    baby blue with pink, beige and brown rocking horses: raconte-moi le cheval
    one of my faves - very pale pink with wheat-gold colored clips - "clips"
    medium pink - ballerinas
    the pleaded baby blue is also ballerinas
    the chiffon baby blue is also ballerinas (a theme going here!)
    another fave is white, black border with doves and a golden birdcage..older
    another black, white and gold version of keys
    the original black background and golden keys with red rope
    my most worn scarf....tan with pale olive edging/rope and w/horses and riders
    dark green, white and gold version of keys
    Etriers...the medium preppy green with white and this one almost the best of all of them.
    the last one is called "Buckingham Palace"'s vintage, white with gold rope and tassles.

    I'll try to post a pic if I can find it of green one that is so pic doesn't nearly do it justice. have never seen another scarf in this color, ever.
  11. Yes, HG, I already have a strong feeling we'll be fast friends! :yes:

    That's my baby. he doesn't chew on anything, would you believe it?
  12. Beautiful family portrait Lady Emma! Thanks for sharing!
  13. here's a better pic of etriers. sorry it's such a bad photo - I have no photo skills at all. my hands are too wobbly. maybe i had too many martinis! :roflmfao:
  14. Gorgeous collection! Thanks for sharing!!!
  15. sooo pretty!