Black, black, black

  1. As I sit here trying to think up my perfect Chanel collection, or at least what I hope to get for Christmas, birthday, etc., it seems everything is coming up black. First black PST, then next I'd like a black flap bag, and next a black clutch, end eventually a black wallet. I suppose I want to start with all the basics in Chanel but I keep seeing the beautiful pics and hearing about the colorful flaps coming out and the pink is so calling out to me. Unfortunately that is coming out after my birthday so it looks like another black bag is in line for me, lol. It's so exciting to be here in the planning stages of my future Chanel collection and hopefully color will be added soon. I keep looking at the white but am a little timid to go there. If they had a red, I would get it right away but we don't have any at our stores. So that leaves me with black.

    Anyone else feel like they keep going for black. Anyone else have majority black? I must admit I do not have any other bags in black. My lone Chanel is the only black bag I own.
  2. Yes, it's sometimes hard with Chanel because all their bags looks so great in black :tup:. And black goes with everything too. I have been guilty of doing this same thing! :yes:
  3. I do! well for the time being! Although the majority of my bags consists of different colours I do love black above all! I think it will always be the "it" colour ,and Chanel offers so many choices in black! :yes:I want them all most of them :wlae:!
  4. i think my love for black will be for eternity. it's just so hard not to love TDF bags in black, doncha think? they look sleek, sexy, fab YET the color is the easiest to maintain! all my chanels are in black (wow i really think i do have many black chanels) except for a few (off white/ivory, pinkish beige, grey). my upcoming 2 bags are also in black (cabas and timeless clutch)! LOL! i have balenciagas in bright colors and no black b/c i think bbags' leathers are best revelled in lighter colors. i guess chanel IMHO looks way hotter, best done and MOST TDF in black than any other labels have designed. you know, chanel does black and white so well! those are my most favorite colors in my closet (i'm a monochrome girl)!

    i guess in the future i could throw in a red, pink (it has to be really light or a very dark shade, i can't take that classic pink bubblegum color, it just kills me) and a navy? i don't know, with that price increase, i wonder if my mom would still allow me to buy chanels at the rate that i am going in the future lol although i guess it wouldn't really bother my parents but i feel like it's gonna kill me b/c my guilt level will just.. shoot to the sky! LOL :biggrin:

  5. So far all of my Chanel bags are black caviar. I just love the feel of the little bumps, their chaotic organization, like little cells. And black does go with everything.
  6. I was constantly going back to black too, but decided to change it up with red and the metallics. Chanel does red really well!
  7. all of my chanels are black...bags, wallets, sunglasses, and eyeglasses.
  8. I always love black in anything.
  9. 95% of my chanel collection is black! i can't seem to splurge on the brighter colours, no matter how hard i try :sweatdrop:
  10. It's good to know I'm not alone. I thought it's because I'm so new to Chanel that I don't know how to branch out colorwise.
  11. I have 4 Chanels and they are all in black. They go well with practically everything (obviously haha). But it's beginning to get pretty boring and i hope to add some colours to liven up my collection....especially red. I am more of a black person but Chanel's red is really striking....I am dying to get my hands on one....
  12. Me too, I adore Chanel in Black, but then I see some other members fab collections, with rainbow colours, and I think, what am I doing???

    The colours look so fabby in Chanel too, it hard to know what to buy next!!!