Black Birkin w/ GH: Togo? Clemence? Chevre? Epson? Box Calf?

  1. Since I respect your H opinions immensely and wouldn't want to make a 'mistake' on such an investment, I have decided to ask those of you familiar with the different leathers and sizes, two questions.

    1. I plan to buy a Black Birkin w/ Gold Hardware for use in the day. Which leather would you recommend that I purchase?

    There's an under $20K limit. Keep in mind that I want a practical bag to carry my 2 wallets, agenda, basic cosmetics, etc. It's not going to be a collection piece reserved only for evening. I want to be able to 'use' the bag to go out to lunch with friends, weekends with the family, and appointments.

    * No croc please - my SIL has one and I don't want to be a copycat. Also, do not take into account the wait list or availability of your recommendation.

    2. I am usually 5'9 with heels on daily, what size would be most practical without looking too small or too big? I don't want to seem as if I'm carrying carry-on luggage.

    All opinions are appreciated and welcome. ;)
  2. A 35 would be great for your height and your needs. Togo, clemence, or epsom are my top pix. Personally I prefer togo and clemence for their softness and slouchiness. These leathers are low maintenance which will be great to withstand daily wears. Whatever you choose, a black birkin is a classic.
  3. niasb, you can't go wrong with a classic black Birkin in any leather. :smile:
    Good luck. :smile:
  4. Togo and clemence seem to be most available, and are great. Clemence is slouchier than togo. Evergrain is nice too.

    Box is "higher maintenence" as it scratches easily and takes time to develop a patina.
  5. 35 would be my choice for you. You have many leather choices that are great, but my first choice would be togo... if you could get a nice piece of leather on it. (not too much veining)
  6. ^^^ I second that.:yes:
  7. For your height definitely go with the size 35. In regards to leather, box is difficult to come by now and togo would be a great, low maintenance leather for you. I also like chevre for it's durability, but unsure of it's availability. Definitely check the reference section for the leather guide with pics. HTH!
  8. My BFF is 5'9" and has the 35 Birkin and looks great with it! She has Vache Liegee in black with gold and it is stunning. It sounds like you are a "dress up" kind of person and the VL leather is very elegant and truly gorgeous. It is also very lightweight. Here is a thread about the leather. It runs a few hundred dollars more than the other non-exotics.
  9. Cherve coromandel!
  10. Oh Vache Liegee would be just perfect but it's quite difficult to obtain. I vote for Togo or Chevre leaning towards Chevre. Good luck =)!
  11. VL is great but hard to get, and also more expensive than the other non-exotics. Definitely a 35. I would vote for togo or clemence.
  12. 35 togo, it will hold up beautifully!
  13. I second this! Chevre coromandel is gorgeous!:tup:
  14. niasb

    i would recommend black togo 35 w/GH.
  15. togo or clemence since they are tough! chevre or box if you want dressy.