Black Birkin Identity Crisis

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  1. I have a black togo 30cm birkin which my DH got me from a reseller shop last year. I always have this question - the "black" is not very dark as I would have expected, and there is a very thin shade of greenish colour (a bit metallic) at the end of the handles (the part stiched up with the bag) and at the cover of the keys. :confused1: The green only appears on the rim / edge of the leather. Is that glue or any finishing material only? Or my bag is not black at all?!
  2. Can you post pics of it?
  3. I know it's clumsy to describe in words but my pics are too large in size to post here....:sweatdrop:
  4. I have a black 35 Togo Birkin and have no greenish tint whatsoever. Is there anyway to put your photos on photobucket or something so we can link to them?
  5. I also have a black 35 Togo Birkin. The colour is not as dark as black box or black Vache Liegee. But I don't see the greenish tint either.
  6. Hmmm, yep I would really need to see pics
  7. would do the trick. Mine is very inky black in Clemence....maybe Togo takes the dye lighter?????
  8. You can always email a member one of those pics and it can be resized in flickr or photobucket.

    Would love to see the pictures as well.
  9. Go to Resize2Mail and you can re-size easily and quickly there.
  10. thanks kallie girl. I am going to use Resize2Mail too.