Black Birkin Hunt

Nov 17, 2007
Ladies, how feasible is this request in your opinion?

I am going to H NBS next week to order my wife a 32cm sellier box calf Kelly PHW (sadly have been told it will not be available until the end of next year though so she has quite a wait ahead of her).

I was therefore hoping to get her a black Birkin for Christmas (even if it wouldn't actually be available until after Christmas if you see what I mean). She wants either a 30 or 35cm in swift, vache liegee, evergrain or evercalf with PHW. My SA in NBS told me they are not taking any requests for Birkins at the moment and she doesn't know when they will be. I phoned FSH in France and they would not discuss over the phone and told me to come into the boutique which is not easy as I am in the U.K.

Would I stand any chance phoning boutiques in the States do you think? Or alternatively are there any trusted resellers in the U.K you could suggest?

Thank you
Mar 26, 2007
It's so hard to get a Birkin over the phone, even in the US, that I know... I'd definitely recommend a reseller, if you check in the reseller's thread under the Hermes Shopping subforum you'll find some great ones! :tup:

ETA: What a sweet DH you are!!!


Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
You are a sweet hubby but I think you should forget about getting a Birkin via telephone. You're best bet, since you need one fast, is through a reseller but you will pay a premium. Would you be ok with that?


Aug 5, 2007
Would you consider going to Paris? - I think your chances would be a lot higher there.

UK boutiques open their lists sporadically during the year. The last time NBS did this was early September. I have been told lists will reopen in late Jan/early Feb so an alternative would be to try again then and get your wife something equally fabulous for Xmas.

Good Luck


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Oct 20, 2006
Welcome, HO!!

Hmmmm.. Good suggestion from S'mom and others!!

You know, I am thinking.....As long as you are going in to place your order, I would perhaps suggest making a second call, confirming your appointment, and asking at that time if perhaps a Birkin has come in, or is expected. You may as well ask, there is nothing to lose, and the more they know you are a serious buyer, the better your chances might be...

Also, when you are in there, do ask the SA if you can leave an imprint of your AMEX for future phone purchases, as you are so far away. This will be another indication that you are a client in it for the long haul....

The fact that you are a DH and ordering a Kelly is definitely to your advantage. We will keep our fingers crossed for you!

Good luck to you, what a lovely gift!!!!

(Oh, box sellier kelly.....sigh.....)


Mar 2, 2007
What a lovely man!

Buying online: Several of the legit resellers on eBay are now charging a totally ridiculous $15,000 for new Birkins. There are smaller sellers who are wonderful & trustworthy and not as ludicrous about pricing, but they may or may not have a black Birkin in stock at the moment. Don't forget customs duties on imports, though! I think there are a couple of UK based sellers on the recommended sellers list here on tPF though!! Fleursetcarlines is one, and I think FlossyFigaro is also in the UK/

To be honest I think you should make a visit to the FSH store. It's not convenient, of course, but buying over the phone from the US or just about anywhere else is just not gonna happen. Flying to Paris from the UK is cheaper and faster than dealing with the drama, in my opinion. Make a weekend out of it! Take your wife with you! She may even see something totally unexpected (ie: not black) and fall in love with it.
Oct 12, 2006
Clemence is just so sturdy and durable, perfect for a first Birkin!
My clemence Evelyne is very, very slouchy. I think he'd need to be sure she was OK with a slouchy Birkin. I love slouchy but the leathers she particularly mentioned were more structured. Just wondering with the very structured VL on her list, would she be OK with slouchy clemence? :confused1:

Clemence sure is durable though. I've used my Evelyne every day for a year and it still looks like new. :tup:
May 6, 2007
i think people sometimes get hung up on leathers: i.e. clemence can be a little dull sometimes chalky, large grained and sloppy. HOWEVER it can also be silky with a lovely sheen, small grained and soft in an elegant way. Vache liagee can look hard, dry and plasticky--it can also look amazing in the right size and color. I personally think the stiffness is best suited to a kelly or a 30 cm birkin. and so on with all the leathers and colors..............evergrain can be overly veiny or even........sometimes waxy and sticky to the touch othertimes more silky. not all black togo bags are created equal in other words.