Black Birkin GHW: Box or Ardennes? Pick ONE

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35 Black Birkin: Box or Ardennes?

  1. Box

  2. Ardennes

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  1. #1 Jan 29, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2010
    I hope you all can help me out with deciding. I know there were two previous similar threads but on one, the OP seemed to have her heart set on one already and was encouraged to stick with what she wanted. Another thread was back in 2008 and the overwhelming consensus was Box. I'd like the know the current consensus.

    If you could only ever have one black 35 birkin, would you choose Box or Ardennes? You can only pick ONE and will only have that one black birkin forever and ever. No copping out with getting both or getting one for now and waiting for the other. :P
  2. I would pick ardennes for durability but you have to bear in mind that it is no longer available so it would be a Birkin from the resellers/secondhand market.
  3. ^^I agree.
  4. There's a big difference in weight between Box and Ardennes. Box is light weight, refurbishes like a dream and gets better and better with age as it develops patina. With GH it's classic and with PH it's modern/edgy.

    Some have a hard time going through the breaking in period with a brand new Box Birkin and worry about getting a scratch. However, wearing it is the only way to get it to develop character and patina. Of course, buying a pre-loved BBB would be one way to get past that problem.

    Ardennes is hardy and would wear well, too. Before you make your decision, it'd be good to try your stuff in Ardennes to make sure you wouldn't mind lugging it around.
  5. I love Ardennes. Box is beautiful but I'd freak out with every scratch!
  6. box
  7. Nod Syma...I'm aware that Ardennes is discontinued and I would most likely have to get it from a reseller. I believe it is hard to come by also. :sad:

    If I get Box, I also plan on getting it preowned since it cuts down on the time I have to spend to develop the patina.
  8. I voted box -- I am thinking more and more about a black box bag. Especially after reading the podium news -- that bag sounds very intriguing.
  9. box leather refurbishes well and to me, nothing beats that glowing patina of box leather:love:
  10. I do not like box for a birkin- the birkin is basically a refined tote bag and a high maintenance leather such as box that scratches and show corner wear quickly is not a wise choice imo. Of the two choices you put before us, I would go with Ardennes if you can find it. Why not consider fjord, togo or clemence? Those are great leathers for a 35cm black birkin- very classic and you will not have to treat the bag as if it were precious.
  11. I am not one to like the shiney patina- looks like polished shoe leather. But this is just a matter of opinion from someone who is not a huge box leather fan. I prefer box for SLG if you can find it.
  12. Boxcalf!!
  13. Boxcalf all the way!
  14. Ardennes...I absolutely love it.
  15. If you can find Ardennes, I'd go for that.
    I like Boxcalf too but I'm way too afraid for scratches so that's why I'd go for Ardennes ;).
    Good luck!