Black Birkin-Fjord vs Togo?

  1. I have a black Togo 35 Birkin on order-my SA just called to offer me a black 35 Birkin in Fjord. I am not familiar with Fjord-any reason I should consider it over the Togo? I appreciate your thoughts on this!!!:confused1:
  2. Lucky girl!!
    It's about the same weight, at least new Fjord is--possibly even lighter weight than Togo. It has a slight iridescence to it, and a truly amazing hand-feel. It takes color a little more deeply than some other leathers, so black Fjord is blacker than black Togo, which I personally love. It's also hardy as all getout and it's quite water resistant and an all around amazing leather in my opinion. The scratch resistance is about the same between the two.
    In my opinion the main reason to consider it over Togo is that it's HERE. And it's also Fjord, which I happen to love.

    I would say definitely make time to at least go look at it!!
  3. That pretty much sums it up!^^

    I am curious if fjord is a little lighter now...I am told it is lighter than the older fjord. Anyone have any knowledge on this?
  4. I think it is definitely true, Kellybag, at least in my personal observation. The last Fjord bag that came through my hot little hands was a 2007 and it was noticeably lighter in weight than the late 90s bag I compared it with.
  5. I love fjord! At least go take a peek at it. I prefer fjord to the togo--especially some of the togo that I've seen that is heavily veined. It is such a matter of preference though that I think you should go see it for yourself.
    Also, I agree with Cynthia --I have a fjord bag and it feels no heavier than my togo or clemence...
  6. ^Yes, it is lighter than old Fjord...less thick IMO. My I stamp is considerably thicker than my K stamped bag which is floppier.

    Bagmom, I'd definitely take a look at it. In terms of wear and shape, Togo and Fjord are comparable. Fjord has a more dry, matte, more masculine look to it due to the scale of the grain and the veining which will vary from bag to bag, but it is a very hearty leather and wears well.
  7. I have a brown VL Birkin, and this black will be my last for a long time! I will def go look at it-I am just nervous that I will grab it because it is here .Thats why I want to know as much as I can about the diff between the 2 leathers.I thought I had another 6 months til my bag came in-this is too soon!!!:wondering
  8. There is no harm in taking a look. Fjord is a nice leather. You might like it!
  9. bagmom, it's really sweet of your SA to offer you this Black Fjord ahead of your Black Togo order. She sure does have your interest at heart. Good SA.

    Your experience with VL will tell you that it's a stiff leather. Question is, are you happy with stiff leathers? Do you want something different this time around? In the scale of stiffness to softness, comparing all these 3 leathers, it's VL > Fjord > Togo. How soft a leather do you think you can handle?

    I never had Fjord as one of the leathers in my "interests" list until amandakmc got her 35cm Gold Fjord, which I caressed and examined closely. It's matte and has this velvety feel to it that appeals a great deal to me. And I figure it'll maintain its 35cm shape better than a 35cm Togo that will start to show batwings within 3 weeks of daily use.

    Because of its matteness, that's why it looks like a darker black as mentioned by Cynthia, because it does not bounce off the light that shines on it.

    Let us know what you decide. I don't think you can resist a beautiful Black Beauty like Black Fjord though.
  10. I've fjord kelly and it is amazing!
  11. I think I would go for Fjord. I have a fjord birkin and I really like it.
  12. nathansgirl...can you give us a pic of your fjord birkin?
  13. Oh bagmom...please report back on your experience visiting H and the fjord birkin.
  14. I have bolides in both fjord and togo, and love them both.

    As others have said, fjord is not heavy. I think that my togo bolide is heavier than my fjord.

    They are both great leathers, but very different looks. Togo is softer, slouchier. Fjord is much stiffer (more so than my chevre) and really holds the shape. For me, I love the birkin shape, and so prefer it in a stiffer leather.

    Let us know what you decide!
  15. Looking forward to hearing what you thought about Fjord, Bagmom! And secretly hoping for a striptease thread, too. Heheheh.