Black Birkin at SF Hermes

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Feb 26, 2006
This is such a lively forum, I thought I'd post in case this helps someone out there. The SF boutique very recently had a black 40 cm Birkin on display with gold hardware - for sale to whoever showed up. Leather looked like Togo but perhaps a slightly finer grain. The 40 CM is kinda on the big side, but all in all not too bad, so I thought I'd pass along.

Unfortunately this was a few days ago so I don't know if they still have it, but you never know.


Sep 13, 2005
Damn, another 40cm :sad: I turned down a 40cm birkin last week Friday because of the size as well as the material. Thanks for the headsup! I'm guessing that birkin was still there because of the size. My SA said that the one I looked at would have been sold as soon as it was put out if it weren't so large :lol:


Jan 18, 2006
foxy_chao said:
Someone please enlighten me on the ins and outs of the Birkin Bags. Why are they so desirable and demand such incredible price? My best friend loves it and I don't get it. It looks so plain to me.

The true beauty of the Birkin is in the craftsmanship. They are each handmade by a select few, almost custom according to your specifications, and the quality of the leather is better than any designer today. So while they may look plain, once you feel a Birkin - you immediately notice the difference, and will (unfortunately) start sacking away the cash so you can get one of your own one day. :love:


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
TheArtofAcquisition said:
"almost custom according to your specifications" how can they be made for you if you have to hope and pray you run into one, any one, sometime in your life, and perhaps settle for something not quite "it"? Haha. :smile:

that's not how most people get their birkin, though. when you put your name on the list, you specify type and color of leather, type and style of hardware, size, and several other things i believe. you build your own bag, unless you just happen to run in to one.

gigi leung

Feb 14, 2006
IMO, 40cm Birkin is HUGE & not an ideal size as an everyday bag. I do find that Carolyn Bessette Kennedy wears the 40cm beautifully! :love:

Her Black Birkin is a 40cm & IMO she could pull it off because she's sooo TALL!!! 6 feet ! I would look like a dork with a 40cm Birkin :lol: :lol: :lol:

Here are some pics of Carolyn with her Birkin :smile:


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Fellow "Passionista"
Nov 20, 2005
Gigi, you are so lucky! I have yet to own ONE BIRKIN OR KELLY!:nuts: :love: I agree, I sawa red 40cm in Canada and it was`WAY too big. I saw a yellow one today at Balharbour....there are many being carried here, I find. I have seen atleast 23 Birkins since coming here and drool came out of my mouth 23 times.
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