Black Birkin and Outfit Colors

  1. So i just got a black birkin with GH which i love, love love... now my question is... does black go with everything? i know it's a classic color, but i always hear black doesn't go with brown. so if i'm wearing a brown themed outfit, is it okay to use the black birkin?
  2. I think Black goes with everything - yes, even Brown!!!
  3. I often mix up black and brown and I think it can work very well. I would stick to all brown including footwear and just wear your black birkin with pride. If you can find something with black AND brown in it, as an accessory, then this might set it off. I have just bought an Hermes scarf with browns, gold AND black in it and I'm hoping it will bridge the gap between my opposite problem; black clothes and a brown (gold) bag. As your Birkin has GH, this scarf would look fantastic with brown clothes/black Birkin. It's 'sur en tapis volant' in colour no 3. I have the plisse silk scarf but I have also seen it as the large silk - it is gorgeous and a very unusual colourway for Hermes and even more gorgeous is the large cashmere and silk version in the same colourway. I will attach a pic of my Kelly - it has the plisse attached although it doesn't do the colours justice but it will give you some idea:
  4. Absolutely.....I have a few black bags and can wear them with everything! Possibly the only things I wouldn't use my black bags with are summer sun-dresses (not that I ever wear these! but still......) unless there's some black in the print somewhere and maybe not even then.

    Take a look at pics of Jane Birkin.....that woman carries that black Box bag with her no matter what she's got on....and sometimes that's not MUCH!!! (I adore her, BTW....she's very much her own person)
  5. I think there are four colors that go with pretty much everything...
    Black Brown, Rouge h and Gold. Any of these color birkin/kelly bags will probably look great with anything.
  6. I have red, brown, pink and black bags and keep carrying my black most. It is so easy to just leave things in it and I think it wears best.
  7. I sold all of my colored bags now I have 2 black birkins. I can't get away from black, its so easy.
  8. I agree with AVA. These colors work with anything.
  9. In autumn/winter, midnight blue and black also look amazing!
  10. I saw this scarf in this colorway and its fantastic. I'm tempted to get one also to complement my black with gold hardware Birkin. I'm still contemplating whether I should get the normal scarf or the plisée like yours!
  11. whew, allaboutnice... that scarf from the picture took my breath away. you're right it is beautiful!!!!

    you ladies are right... it seems to go with everything. i love carrying it. shopmom, do you know which thread the jane birkin pics are in? i'll take your advice and check 'em out!
  12. Definitely does!!
  13. LaVan Do you know, I love this colour combination so much, that if I could afford it, I would have the silk square and the cashmere throw as well as my plisse.

    It's never seen this colourway done before (but I'm still a newbie) and I have only just discovered the plisse (never cared for them in the past), which I find very easy to wear, I find I can leave it alone quite happily, I often get the urge to adjust or check out a silk square, the plisse seems to stay in place very nicely, it also drapes nicely and compactly on a bag. The only shame is, you don't get that same impact of colour from a square.

    I saw the silk square in Beaulieu-sur-mer Hermes in South of France last summer, it could still be there and I saw the beautiful cashmere throw at Nice airport T2 and also in the mothership.
  14. babyhart
    Do you like the Hermes enamel bangles? I saw one the other day and thought of you and that it would work well with your black Birkin/brown outfits. It was the 'Russian alphabet' design and the colours would look very good with your bag/outfit. The bangle was edged in gold and the pattern had a nice mix of tan-brown and black plus a bit of white (or cream) to lift it a bit. The colour combo was great. The width of the bangle was the medium size, not the wide one nor the narrow one, I guess about 2-3cm wide, a versatile size. I wish I had taken a pic for you...
  15. Black goes with everything!!