Black birkin - a rarity?

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  1. I was in town yesterday meeting a friend for dinner, so I thought I would pop into H. to have a peek at some things and ask them if they knew when the Birkin list would be reopening. I did mention that I was deliberating between a 30 and a 35 for my order (when it opens), and that I may be going to Paris in a few weeks time. He also let me try on a beautiful brown matt croc 35 (which is not as big as I was expecting it to be) which was quite an experience! So, overall, I had a lovely visit.

    One thing he did say confused me a bit, though-- he asked what color I was thinking of, and (presumably from my entirely black outfit) guessed that I would like black, and I said yes, and he said that it was particularly difficult to get black as they are so popular.

    So, ladies, there's my question. In your experiences, is black harder to find? Did you have to wait longer for your black birkin? Are the chances of coming across one in Paris lower than finding one in a different color?

    Opinions, please!
  2. This is funny - my SA also persuaded me against getting a black Birkin. I wonder if it's simply because the color is more popular and hence they tend to keep it for their VIP clients, or because my SA feels that I'm better suited to the wonderful colors H does.

    Would love to hear others' take on this!
  3. Black and Gold are the most sought after colors so they are the hardest to get unless you have a really wonderful relationship with your SA. I think I saw ONE black Birkin on the shelf in the last two years and that one was in Swift in SF and that baby didn't last long......
  4. <Wave> S'Mom!

    Second what S'Mom said.
  5. HI, MrsS!!!!!!
  6. pyrexia, you are *too chic* ;) to be owning a black birkin. Come on! You can take all the earth-shattering bright H rainbow colours!

    PS: don't mean those owning black is not chic, OK? I own black myself but then again, I am already in my mid 30's. All I meant to say is that pyrexia is young and has many years to wear bright coloured bags.
  7. Hi MrsS! Haven't seen you around lately (not that I've been around alot myself) Hope you've been good :supacool:

    You know... as much as I love H colors, I am actually extremely boring. Most of my wardrobe is black, or some variation of neutral, unless it's in one of my favorite hues - pink, purple, red, LOL. I think it's so much easier to have a black Birkin and then match it to every single piece of clothing I own :roflmfao:
    But... I'm aiming for one in time for graduation... and hopefully the color doesn't clash with my graduation gown :lol:
  8. ^^ Am well, thank you. Sound like you have decided on black already!

    Your SA is a great lady. Just remember to drum in to her, that you *need* one for your graduation!
  9. LOL actually I *didn't* decide on black! Had this picture of a brilliant garrance or vif birkin in my mind and it's been stuck there, no matter how much I try to think of another color. :sweatdrop:
  10. Really? I saw a black Birkin in KOP H store display for quite long time, more than two months to be exact. If they are so hard to get it wouldn't be there, right?
  11. I see ... Thought you were looking for black! LOL! Rouge Vif Fjord or Rouge Garance Togo would be very lovely :tup:

    Keep reminding your SA, OK?
  12. KOP has a smaller clientele, perhaps?

    What skin is the black birkin? This may make a difference too.
  13. Probably. I think it was fjord, but I didn't touch it, just guessing.

  14. Don't tell me the "store that has nothing" had something :wtf:
  15. I think it's more that there is higher demand for black than they can meet as they only have an allocation of say 15 black 35's and maybe 100 people that want them