Black (Biker) Jackets

  1. heey ladies
    hope you guys can help me
    ive been looking for a leather jacket for a long time..but cannot find any
    do you know some online stores that i can have a look on????

    im looking for jackets like this and the lindsay lohans

    also what do you guys think of this 'lindsay lohan' jacket?


    i also like this one but i dont know what brand this jacket is from:::
  2. i'm pretty sure the one that lindsay lohan, the girl on the street & ashley olsen are wearing are the same ones. i'm also pretty sure that it's from Rick Owens. I would also try Mike & Chris (both of these brands are pretty expensive though!)
    For a cheaper alternative I'd say go to Zara and H&M. They both sell very nice leather jackets that cost around 100 euros in Europe!
  3. oh and also try topshop!!
  4. [​IMG][​IMG]

    SWORD jackets - all from tobi - and with grechen 10 code you can get 10% off
    I think revolve also had the slim motorcycle version - but they've sold out pretty quickly!
  5. Try your local Harley-Davidson shop. You'd be surprised!
  6. If you don't have tons of $$, try your local thrift/consignment shops--both of my favorite black leather jackets are ones I found in local thrift stores, back in the days when I was a single mom on a VERY tight budget!
  7. Lilos and whichever Olsen it is jacket's are Rick Owens.........gooorgeous! They have them on NAP and Luisaviaroma too. Expect to pay around $2,000 for those.

    Mike and Chris will be significantly cheaper at around $800
  8. the first one is lovely
  9. singer22 have the mike and chris nolan in stock - similar asymmetric style zip. They sold out on rarechic as a pre-order.

  10. sick! absolutelly gorgeous! i love the first jacket and that color is beautiful .. what is it pewter?
  11. ^^Washed silver is what they call it. It looks like pewter or anthracite. It is gorgeous in person!
  12. I hope the link works- there is a nice brown biker-look jacket in Sundance online catalog - and it is on sale for a VERY good price!

    I have black and brown biker look jackets, but sometimes depending upon my current hair color or mood, black seems a little harsh-looking.

    anyway, if the link doesn't work, just go to the website and you'll find it
  13. I just saw a pair of White Doc Marten 1/2 boots. I really liked them (and there is nothing about me that is even remotely punk or edgy---think Kimora Lee Simmons) but they would be so cute with jeans and and a scarf and great bag....
  14. I love these kind of jackets... I just feel that I never need to wear them in LA.