*Black Betty* The newest addition to my Chloe family

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  1. Hi,

    I just received my medium black betty and can i tell you how i get lost in this bag??... Small enough for all times of the day, yet big enough to hold everything :wlae:

    I took a picture w/ some kick a** shoes i got from BG awhile back.

    I still love the paddy more, but I wanted a funky black bag for so long so here she is! :love:

  2. Awesome bag, looks great w/ those shoes!:yes:
  3. Thanks Swanky !! :flowers:
  4. I LOVE this bag and the shoes are really cool
  5. That is one great looking bag and the shoes are very cool
  6. Very nice and so you D&G. Now you can be Carmen's twin lol!
  7. Thanks Shoequeen, tulemar, and twinklette :flowers: :flowers:
  8. Very nice. How does the leather feel? Is it on the soft side? I'm curious. I haven't seen this IRL. Congrats!
  9. Thanks Piperlu :flowers:

    The leather is sooo smooth on the outside... it feels nice :love: definitely different from paddy leather but i can't imagine the betty bag w/ pebbly leather.
  10. Love the bag AND the shoes!
  11. Okay, great Betty....but who makes those shoes?! I want a pair!
  12. Thanks Bisbee and LG :flowers: :wlae:

    LG, i bought the shoes last year at BG. I initially only used them as a pair of shoes to try on w/ outfits but since they were looking good w/ the outfits, i had to get them.. I love two toned black shoes :love: I have never heard of the designer before i bought the shoe so I know it's not a popular brand.. at least in the US.
  13. Congrats D & G rockstar! I love it and your shoes are TDF! Gorgeous combo! :tender:
  14. That bag is FUNKY and GORGEOUS!!! Congrats - just stunning.
  15. :love: the bag & shoes too! (i have the large betty in black and can't wait to start carrying it more once the weather gets cooler)...
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