black Betty 60% off

  1. at BG
  2. Hi,
    I couldnt find this - could you provide the link ... although probably already gone,
  3. I found one, but it didn't say it was on sale-it was listed at $900 something.:yes:
  4. Sorry about the "missing link"...I posted this as soon as I checked out and wanted to do it quickly. I printed my confirmation, but the order was CANCELLED!! I did get a Botkier Bombay Tall Hobo for $270 and a Kooba Claudia for $208 both in brown.
  5. Oh gosh! I really want a Kooba and at $208, that price is right. How did you get it on sale? Was there a code, or some super sale frenzy? :confused1:
  6. Wow Carolina, great deals on the Botkier and Kooba! Congrats! I didn't even seen those at all. You must be super quick!
  7. I really stalked NM and BG today.

    The picture posted by Cheapmommy is the Betty that was on sale for 60 off, but mine was cancelled so who knows if they actually had one or not.

    I also ordered a nylon Prada shoulder bag for my niece for $155 and it was cancelled too! How annoying.

    The only code I used was spring7 for free shipping, the bags were just heavily discounted.
  8. Do you mind telling me what's BG?
  9. ^^^
  10. thanks!
    how come it looks like NM's website?
  11. ^^Same corporation owns both.
  12. It's not showing up...I think they made a mistake.
  13. Hi - kindly read the private message I sent - thanks for posting the deal, and congratulations-such a beauty those two.
  14. congrats for those who got good deals today!