Black beauty is here - pics

  1. It looks bigger than I expected. I like the proportions of the medium better than the large. It's so gorgeous, I especially love it against your white pants.

    Does yours have the black painted hardware from last season?
  2. She's lovely! Congrats!
    I have the same bag. I alternate between this and my Nut Marcie as my work bag, and it's holding up well! The PS black leather is great!
  3. Yes it does. I like the med size too. It is perfect and very functional for me.
  4. How does this size compare to a Bal city or part time? And how does the strap length compare to that of the part time please?

    Thanks, your pictures are seriously tempting me. I love it on you.
  5. Perfection!!!
  6. Love it....I'm always happy to see someone with a PS1 :smile:
  7. A classic beauty!! Enjoy her!
  8. Congratulations!! Its gorgeous!
  9. Thank you every one. I LOVE it so much. :love:
  10. I ordered a Citron color also but ended up returning it.:biggrin: Already thinking about getting a happy color LOL. :graucho:Here is a picture If you leave the knot on the strap which i like on the lighter color but not on my Black one. I would say with the Knot on the strap it hangs as low as the City. I can carry every thing that i had in a City in my Proenze too. It is really roomy and it expands. I don't carry much with me but so far i could fit my wallet, glasses, make up bag, keys, cell phone, and very thin jacket. You should try one in person and i am positive that you will like it.
    IMG_0574 (2).JPG
  11. ^^^ Oh I adore citron on you. So gorgeous. But not as versatile as black, for sure. Oh I am so tempted now to get black. Thanks for all the info. So without the knot, would the bag hang as low as a Bal part time?

    And please keep posting pictures, I can't get enough of them.
  12. Thank you. I adore Citron too but I might not get enough use out of it and it is too expensive to be sitting in my closet.:biggrin:
    I normally don't carry PT and i love the Work so i am not sure how low the PT really hangs. Without the knot Proenza hangs lower than the PT. I think PT hangs about under my rib cage but Proenza comes down lower as you can see in my other pictures.
    I will try to post some more pics tomorrow.
  13. Here you go drati. I took some more this morning and still love it.
    IMG_0646 (2).jpg IMG_0644 (2).jpg IMG_0640 (2).jpg IMG_0643 (2).jpg IMG_0638 (2).jpg IMG_0637.jpg
  14. I just love it on you. Love how you pair it with light clothes and colours, it really lets the bag speak. :tender:

    It looks to hang similarly low to the part time -- a nice length. I like it shorter too with the knot, great to have both options.
  15. drati - Some new pictures for you.:p
    IMG_0654 (2).jpg IMG_0655 (2).jpg IMG_0656 (2).jpg