Black bbags are something special: Miss Black Twiggy

  1. There really is something quite different about black bbags. You've said it and I didn't quite know what you meant until I had a couple myself. Def rock, def moto, much more than any of the colours (even plomb, which really isn't black). I don't know how to describe it but I'm sure many of you know what I mean.

    Introducing new-to-me Miss Black Twiggy F/W 07. :woohoo:
  2. And some modeling pics. Thanks Fashioncult, for your help. ;)

    (oops, couldn't upload the pics for some reason but I did manage to just now so scroll on ...)
  3. Congrats!!! Gorgeous black beauty!
  4. congrats! It's beautiful. I love a nice black bag and I love how hip and chic the bbbag looks in black...definitely more rock n' roll edge to it. Love it!

    ETA: can't see the modeling pics if there were any posted ?
  5. lovely! she looks soft and so smooshy!! I don't think you'll need to break her in ... :yes:
  6. I'm trying to upload some modeling pics but it's not working for some reason. Will try again later. Sorry. :cursing:
  7. Cool, it worked now. Here we go. Excuse the poor quality, I don't have a mirror with good light. :rolleyes:
    BlackTwiggyArm.jpg BlackTwiggyShoulder.jpg BlackTwiggyShoulder2.jpg
  8. leather looks silky. does it differ much from the black day?congrats again, drati :smile:
  9. Yes, the leather is a bit more dry than the day. Still good but not quite as lush as the day. But the colour saturation is good and I'm very happy with her.
  10. She was a little stiff to begin with but def getting smooshier by the day. The handles have softened nicely too. :yes:
  11. So gorgeous!! There is definitely something about black, and I think that the twiggy may be one of my favorite black bbags!!
  12. I need a black Bbag and when the day comes it will be a twiggy! Congrats on yours, it looks fab on you! :smile:
  13. I need a black too, and I hope it's soon!
  14. oooh...lovely! the leather looks like that of my black pt..
  15. I agree, black is sort of the "ultimate" bbag color. I love your new twiggy!