Black Bayswater and pink Ledbury or...

  1. Decision decision!
    I'm torn between buying a Black Bayswater and a pink Ledbury OR a pink Bayswater and a black Ledbury:confused1: I don't have any pink bag and I want one but maybe a pink Bayswater is too flashy and I'd use the black one more? I already have a black bag and it's not as big as the bayswater. I have bags in different colours and I try to rotate them often, so I don't always wear basic colours such as black and brown.
    What would you suggest?
    And thanks for always being soooo patient with me, I'm very undecided with Mulberry bags!:heart::heart::heart:
  2. No real reasoning behind it but given the options you've put forward i'd go black bayswater and pink ledbury. I think a BIG PINK bag is a bit much but would be cute for a little ledbury but just my personal opinion!
  3. I agree with Jo - the little pink Ledbury would be more versatile than a big pink Bayswater, I think.
  4. I aggree too - black for the big one, pink for the little one!
  5. I say pink Bw and black Ledbury! I love pink color, and I think Ledbury would be great on black, so stylish :yes:
  6. Pink Bayswater and black Ledbury :tup:
  7. ^^^ opposite for me.

    Black Bayswater and Pink Ledbury. Why? I think a pink bayswater is just a tad too big of a pink-something whereas a pink Ledbury is small enough to be cute but functional.
  8. Get both in pink... HA HA, I'm a pink person.
  9. Me too! So I'd say get two pink bags ^^

    If you can only get one pink make it Bayswater - the more pinkness the better :biggrin:
  10. choccypie , your biased !! your bayswater will arrive tomorrow won't it , bet it will be gorgeous .
  11. LOL! If you're not a pink person, get the Ledbury in Pink then!