Black Bay or Betty in UK?

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  1. Hi Everyone
    I'm in the UK and am looking for a black quilted bay or black betty. I'd like to get one at a reasanable price (wouldn't we all :yes:) and was wondering if anyone can give me and hints or tips as to where to look. I'm trying eBay (carefully), NAP, Nordies, Bergoffs, Diabro, LV etc etc. Are any of you from the UK? Where did you get your Chloes? This will be my first 'proper' bag and I want something in black so I can use it everyday and it will match everything. Please note: I live NOWHERE near a department store. If I wanted to go and look at a Chloe bag it would be a 6 hour round trip so I need somewhere that will post the bag out to me. I've been looking for a while now and am getting disheartened (I'm sure you've all been there)! Also, is the large Betty too large for an everyday bag? Is there much difference in size between the large and medium?
    Thanks so much for your help (in advance!)
  2. Hi Rachael, there is a Betty on sale in Browns in the UK at the moment, its the newest style, chain strap one and a great price now.

    Link here for you :smile:

    The black bettys are the holy grail in the UK at the moment!!f with v few if not any stores with any in stock left!

    You could always try calling Cricket in Liverpool too, as their website is not the most up to date, but they are v helpful at telling you what they have in stock also and are v happy to post out to you :smile:

    Good luck :biggrin:
  3. Thanks for that Chloe Babe, the Betty at Browns is a great price! However (not meaning to be awkward) it wasn't the chain strap that I wanted! I've looked on the Cricket website but will try ringing them also. I'm assuming from your name that you are a Chloe fan, are you in the UK? If so, where have you purchased your bag from and which do you have? Thanks again
  4. Hi Rachael,

    Yep, im in the UK in Surrey.

    I adore Chloe clothes and accessories and I am really good and try and sell a few pieces on each season to purchase my next Chloe or Fendi love.

    I currently have a blanc Chloe Paddy that I got this week, and believe it or not just sold my gorgeous blue betty to swop for this one!.

    I also have a Taupe regular size paddy which is my fave and a definite keeper, I have the wallet for this too and a bracelet bag in green which is another favourite.

    I used to go crazy and at one point had lots of diff coloured paddys, but I just came to the conclusion you should only have as many as you can use and its awful to just have them sitting in their dustbags, so I try and keep to that lol.

    As well as taking delivery of my baby paddy this week, I also just got a blueberry Fendi spy too ;)

    Where abouts in the UK are you Rachael, and have you just become a Chloe fan?? :biggrin:
  5. oh and to answer your purchasing questions, I usually buy mine from Harvey Nics and Net a Porter, but dont forget about Libertys, Selfridges and Koh Sumui in Covent garden as Chloe boutiques which are always worth a call to see if you can get your perfect bag :yes:
  6. I'm in in Cumbria, on the north west coast. Near the lake district? It is beautiful, but I have to travel to Manchester or Newcastle for serious shopping :nuts:.
    I always liked clothes etc but have a particular passion for bags and accessories (scarves at the moment)! I have never purchased a designer bag before but have been through a rough patch lately and am going to cheer myself up by buying a new bag and purse (got my eye on an MJ on sale at NAP). I figure that it'll last forever and I read a good quote on another forum by someone who said that you should splash the cash on things that you use everyday and get enjoyment from, as opposed to something that you use once in a while. So I'm taking her advice! I'm a bit nervous about spending so much, hence the reason I'm shopping about for a good deal. That's also why I want a black bag as I'll get lots of use from it. OMG I've just looked at the Betty on NAP, that's a good discount isn't it?! Do you have any experience of the Betty? Would the large be too large for everyday (I'm not scared of big bags but don't want to look ridiculous). Am I right in thinking that the medium is hard to get hold of? Is there much difference between the medium and large? Sorry to bombard you with all these questions but you seem like an expert?
  7. I was also wondering if you knew the difference between the two large betty totes on NAP? One is in the sale and one isn't. Is one a slightly newer model?