Black Bay East-West satchel $841 at!

  1. diabro bay bag

    I have shopped with Diabro several times, and I love them. They definitely sell authentic Chloe. This is a STEAL - someone grab it! Even with shippping, it comes to less than $875 for a brand new Bay bag! Go go go! :yahoo:
  2. Thanks for posting! What about customs? About how much would that add? They do add it don't they?

    Why no quilted :sad:
  3. Good question. I'm curious about that as well:yes:
  4. How much do they charge for shipping? :smile:
  5. i love this website they are fab for bags being like half rrp. have yet to use them so these are valid points.
  6. Shipping runs about $30. They ask you how much you want to declare for customs. I ordered a silverado that arrived yesterday. Great bag, great price!!
  7. I was just about to ask about this website - are they reputable? They have a Chloe that I want to buy but I've never bought from them before..
  8. Did you have to pay customs and coversion fee's:confused1:
  9. Totally authentic and reliable! :p I've never read that anyone got a fake from them:smile:
  10. Hi. I had them value my bag at 100 and there was no customs. I paid thru paypal and had no conversion fees. The package arrived within 1 week.
  11. Thanks;)...
  12. They are extremely reputable. I have ordered from them several times. They ship Global Express, too, so from Japan to the West Coast, it takes about 4 days at most. I usually have them declare $100 or less as the customs value. There don't appear to be extra fees or requests for private information if you pay with paypal. HTH!
  13. I noticed that their silverados are quite cheap.. Is that their normal price? :shrugs:
  14. I think they are closing them out as I have heard they aren't making them anymore. They don't seem to be restocking. I got my satchel for $550 in black--what a steal!!