Black Balenciaga - Medium City Classique (on eBay)


A BAL-enced Life!
Dec 6, 2005
I believe that a few of you expressed interest in purchasing a Black Balenciaga Bag.

Well ... there's a good deal on eBay right now, and the seller sells authentic stuff! It's a Black - Medium City Classique (larger than the Classique - now called the "First"). These bags are now retailing at $1195, so at $999, this is a good deal for this bag. The best part ... this is a 2004, which means that it's the better leather (not the shiny, crackly version from this year!). It's not new, but it's in extremely good condition!
Hmmm..they look yummy! I never buy anything from ebay so I meant I have to be really depend on other people or you CeeJay for the sellers reputation because I have no experiences buying from ebay. Is there anywhere stores or boutiques in Houston selling Balenciaga? I would love to see it first in person but even just looking at those pictures..ohhh my heart beat faster..oh I like it. I don't have Balenciaga yet but I am afraid I have to get one soon or later.
Makes me a little suspicious as to why she is selling 4 Balenciaga bags at the same time ya know? Hmmmmmm... I think I'd rather pay the extra few bucks and order it from NY. I get scared spending that kinda dough on ebay although it's good to know that there are a FEW authentic bags up there amoungst the plastic wrapped handle fakes.
Looks like she has 4 bags because she buys and sells authentic on eBay. If you look at her feedback, you can see that she bought authentic new or used Balenciaga from other eBayers and re-sells.