Black Bags?

  1. Do any of you carry a black sig. back in the summer? What are the real "rules" on that? LOL.
    I used to but havent recently-but still looove black bags.
  2. I think you can carry black year round, especially signature

    black is classic in any form, I wouldn't carry suede or anything like that in summer, but leather and sig is fine by me
  3. There's no rule that says you can't wear a black bag in the summer (and if it is, it's dumb anyway). Matter of fact, I think I may switch out and carry my black Ali today......
  4. LOL! :yes:
  5. ITA:yes:
  6. I was thinking of ordering a BLACK Ali with the extended PCE.:yahoo:
  7. i agree with all the comments!
  8. No rules. I’m wearing this today with a dark red light sweater and black crop pants. :p
  9. I carry my black legacy signature and leather shoulder bag and it's 90 degrees out.
  10. I wear a black purse EVERYDAY year around. I like to carry signature during the summer but I also carry my leather bags. I know that I am a little weird in that I only wear black shoes and black bags, but it just works for me.
  11. If it goes with your outfit, then go for it! The only way black bags look out of place in the summer is if they are warn with things like summery white or colourful sundresses, or such things. I even have a suede bag I wear in the summer!! I know shocking! It's emerald green and small and compliments bright summer outfits very well.
  12. My rule is there are no rules. I wear my black bags year around:wlae:
  13. No rules!

    I carry black year-round and love it. I do carry a few more colored bags in the summer since I wear so much black year-round.

    I was carrying my black Ali yesterday.
  14. I agree with everyone. No rules. If it goes with your outfit or you like to carry it then do. :smile:
  15. I was JUST about to ask that question, only about *white* bags. Not that I have so many. But am I in theory only supposed to use them between Memorial Day and Labor Day or some crap like that?