Black bags

  1. Do you put your black bags away in the warmer weather or use them year round? I will pull out more colorful bags but still use my blacks.
  2. I tend to be drawn more to brown bags that black but that said I will still use my darker colored bags in the summer, along with some lighter/brighter ones ;)
  3. I use my black bags all year round. Same with black shoes, I don't see anything wrong with using them even in the summer.
  4. Me too. I am one who loves black sandals, black slides, black boots, etc., so I wear black shoes & bags year round.:wlae:
  5. I wear black bags year round.
  6. I definitely use black bags in the summer. For some reason, I always feel like I should carry a smaller bag in the summer, though. So size makes it a seasonal bag to me more than does color.
  7. That's a great question! I recently bought a Kooba Lena in black and since live in Florida year round I was wondering if I should only use it as a winter bag. People down here get into the whole summer thing with straw bags, etc. so I hope that I'm not the odd gal out. But I guess with black sandals and black in my outfit I should be fine. (as long as I keep it out of the rain...and it survives the hurricane season..I don't even want to think about that...eekk!)
  8. Definitely year round. I don't use suede bags in the summer, and don't use pastel bags in the winter. Black and brown leather as well as other neutrals (gold, red, blue) are used all year.
  9. I wear my black bags year-round.
  10. Actually, now that you mention it, I follow those "rules" as well. Don't really know why, but I do. Pastels just dont seem suitable for summer somehow, and the few suede bags I have don't go with any of my summer outfits, so I guess it just comes naturally.
  11. I use them all year round
  12. i just try to go with my outfit, which almost always has black all year round
    but sometimes on a hot day, i'll switch it up and use my Sak bags, which are pretty much the only non-neutral bags that i have

    thinking about it, when i break out with my colorful accessories it really changes and uplifts my mood. Oh no, inspiration to get more! :push:
  13. I carry whatever bag goes with my outfit... so I freqently carry black bags in the summer. I carry light-colored bags in the winter too. I just go with whatever suits my mood. :smile: