black bags... are they boring?

  1. Newbie here. Girls be honeat, are black bags boring??? I just got the small gunmetal sacthel by Cole Hahn, great color, but I feel I nnneeeeedddd a black bag. Or do I just lust. I saw the Kooba Sienna on blue fly, cool bag, I could be happy with that. Black is so practical but I do not want to carry a 47 this month bag! Yo know!!!!
    I also like the Boktier, any thoughts??
    Oh well, advice wo[​IMG]uld be great, I am doubting my sell and getting obsessed!
  2. i just bought the kooba cassandra in black and it's far from boring...the leather is TDF and it has a lot of comparments as can do a lot with black! enjoy your cole haan...their gunmetal is gorgeous!
  3. Thank you! Do you love the Kooba? I have never bought one. I think I will get it, it speaks to me. I have had a very nice Brahmin, but I feel it is too structured, but stunning. Need a hip change. I just had an eyelift, maybe that's it!
  4. I love colourful bags but everybody needs a black bag which goes with everything.
    I just got my B.E Love Me in black crash and I haven't put her down since she arrived.
    Here's the link:
  5. Oh by far no! It's definitely not boring, there ARE boring black bags but there are also greatttt black bags out there! I love the two I have, I didn't get any black bags till this summer but I have a Prada pushlock and a Bliss Lau suspension tote, and I love them both. :}

    If you like the kooba you should go for it! Or you can browse around some more, you never know what might pop up!
  6. I don't think black bags are boring, but they have to be special to choose them over another colour. Sometimes only black will work on a bag, like the one in my avatar.
  7. I think it's the combination of color and style/design that make a bag boring or other words, just because it's black doesn't mean it has to be boring! Conversely there are a lot of boring bags that aren't black. Oy.
  8. Tanya, I went to the link, great bag! How big is it? The measurements were not in inches!!

  9. Hey, what are the measurments on these? They do not give in inches!! I geuss I could call in the morning. Nice bags, good style
  10. Black is a must-have color in any bag collection, IMO. There are so many different styles and materials out there, I don't think we will ever run out of exciting choices in black bags. Having said that, I do like other colors as well (I am currently waiting for a Gryson Tate in Cerise...).
  11. Definitely not. For a splash of colour though, you might want to tie a scarf on the handles or have your wallet, agenda and whatever else inside in colours
  12. Black bags are definitely NOT boring to me! I love black bags! They're classic and go with everything.
  13. Hi CJY, the measurements are L14,8 inch and H12,4 but because the bag isn't that strucured it looks smaller on the body,. I'll take pics wearing it when I get home so you can see it.
    I just love this bga so much. It was pretty stiff in the beginning but after a couple of days it softens up and slouches nicely.:smile:
  14. I think black bags are the basic bags, everyone needs a couple of black bags cause they'll work with every outfit - but you should never rely on only black bags for completing you collection (good excuse aswell)
  15. I agree with what has already been said here, there are some boring black bags, and there are fabulous black bags. So it really depends on the design and the details more than it does on the colour.
    Personally, I couldnt live without my black bags (I have several)!