Black Bags: Advice Needed!

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  1. Ok-- I am getting the large Carly Signature in Black, the large ergo tote in camel, and *hopefully* the large ergo hobo in turquoise at the PCE. :nuts:

    But-- now I have run into a problem. I have two black Coach bags already... but I :heart::heart: the black Carly.

    Do I sell one of the ones I already have?

    I have these:

    Chelsea from Fall 06:


    And.. I believe this was called the Slim Duffle? From 2004. It was my first coach :love:.


    Do I sell one? Or just say "f" it and keep them? :confused1:
  2. Hmmm. I'd keep the leather and sell the signature. I have a black leather and I'm about to buy a black signature. Hope that helps. :biggrin:
  3. Sell the duffle!

  4. She was my first though... :crybaby: That is why I am having trouble deciding...

    Should I sell my FIRST Coach? :confused1:
  5. I would just keep one black bag. You just need to decide which one. I am not a big fan of black and would rather have any other color instead of black. I only own one black bag in my collection, it is an Ergo from 2002 and I hardly use it. Good luck deciding!
  6. Does your duffle stand up ? Why did you never use it ? I am not a fan of pebbled leather but that satchel type bag is cute !

  7. Yes-- and it is still in beautiful condition. I use both black bags pretty frequently.
  8. imho the duffel and the carly are a bit similar. I'd either forego the carly or sell the duffel
  9. I think the black sig carly would probably serve the same purpose as the black sig duffle. I would still say keep it because you may want to bring your duffle places that you normally wouldn't want to bring your Carly if you wont want to get it dirty like baseball games, the park etc. If you need to sell it though to get other bags then you can and the Carly would be kind of an upgrade of the same type of bag.
  10. I agree with the others. Since the duffle and the Carly are both black signature, the duffle would be the one to get rid of. Although I'm not much of a fan of the Chelsea collection either. If you love both of the ones you already have too though, then if you can afford to, keep them both and get the Carly. The styles on the bags are different enough that you could use them all in different ways.
  11. if you are getting another signature, i would sell duffle.
    i also have hard time parting with my bags.
    my reasoning is this. if all i could get is a small amount of money for my bag i might as well keep it than give it away. will the money you get for the signature bag make the difference? if yes then consider selling it if not keep it.
  12. If it's not an issue of money, and you just aren't sure whether you need 3 black bags, then I'd say keep all of them. They are all very different styles and serve different purposes. The duffle is much smaller than the large Carly and you can carry it cross-body, so you'd use it in different situations than you would the Carly (like sightseeing, or like Glitter Girl said, baseball games, going to the park, etc.). Plus, you said you already use both of your other black bags a lot, so if I were you, I'd wait until after you get the Carly and see if you end up not using one of the others as much.
  13. Good advice... I really do not think I could part with any of them. And-- they are 3 very different sizes and have different functions. :yes:

    Money is not the issue-- I just have an issue with black handbags and shoes! :rolleyes:
  14. Personally, I would keep all 3. I have several black bags and I use them all pretty regularly. They're a great basic that goes with everything and each one serves a different purpose.
    I'm going tomorrow for the Large Black maybe I'm really just trying to convince myself that I need another black bag:yes:
  15. I love black bags! They come handy if you are not into color that much!!