Black Bag: staple or boring?

  1. I ordered a black le fab yesterday and when I told my mom (who honestly could care less about my purse buying) says "Hmm...I think a black bag is to boring for you" Granted,I have a collection that includes colorful and fun bags; the only black bag I have is the black eye love you. So now I'm having second thoughts on the le fab, please help!
  2. I say, "Why not?". Just try and if you don't love it, you can always exchange it for another colour, right? :flowers:
  3. black bags are indispensable. everybody should at least own one black bag. there may be certain occasions that will require rather conservative clothing and accessories.
  4. Absolutely not! I still can't believe you have FOUR Le Fabs now!!!:amazed: :shocked: :lol:
  5. i don't think black bags are boring at all. it depends on the model/style and the le fab looks stunning in black!
  6. Well what can I say I LOVE the le fab. To me this bag is what a birkin is to others. I see people in the Hermes thread with multiple birkins in different colors! Oh, and when I get married next year my fianee and I agreed that all MAJOR purchases would be mutually agreed upon. I consider this a major purcase and due to the fact he can't comprehend spending thousands on a purse I figured I get those big purcases taken care of! :graucho: :lol:
  7. Its a staple. Enjoy the bag!
  8. I am like you with the colorful bags, black MC is the closest I get. But I was checking out the suhali black cause I love the texture and the brass hardware is gorgeous. Go for it, or wait for the fall bags. GOOD LVCK!
  9. Staple ! It's just like the little black dress. :biggrin:
  10. Took the words right out of my mouth!
  11. Yes, is best to get them NOW!
    I think the black is gorgeous and it really can be worn with anything! Congratulations and I can't wait to see your pictures when she arrives!
  12. you can use your black bags when you can't use the colorful ones! get it!
  13. I have only three black bags none of them are LVs. I like the Le Fab and others in that line but aren't they heavy?? I have back trouble and I find carrying a heavy bag means pain. I get my mc Alma today and I think it will be heavy so I may not be able to wear it so much..
  14. Every woman needs a black bag... even if it doesn't get used very often, it will be needed at some point or another. :smile: (I think I'm in an enabling mood tonight hehe)
  15. no way, black is lasting forever, i have 4 black bag, 2 chanel and 2 vintage. as long as u got them in different size, i think it's cool...