Black bag ok for spring/ summer?

  1. What do you think? Should I put all black bags away for the warmer months? Anyone else carry one all year?
  2. I carry them to suit my outfit! Why should black be a no-no? It is not a color and can go with any color after all!

    My Kenneth Cole lap-top case is a black and I would need it for work! lol!
  3. I carry my black balenciaga day bag all year round. It is my favorite bag.
  4. I have two bags for each season, and I only have one black bag, which is carried during the winter months. By spring, I want something bright, makes me happier to carry a colorful bag :yahoo:
  5. Def. ok if leather, canvas. All year long in my book.
  6. I actually only carry my black balenciaga city in the spring/summer. I think it looks silly with winter clothes and jackets, but awesome with tank tops and cute summer clothes. It's also so easy to get the handles over your arm without a coat on - and it looks so cute and summery that way :p
  7. I carry black all year round. I don't even have any other colors than black and brown except for a furry white bag which obvioulsy is winter.
  8. I carry black and other dark colors in spring/summer too. I don't care for light colored bags to be honest.
  9. make that one more yes vote for black in the spring/summer!
  10. Personally I'll probably carry my black bag less during the summer. I have a lot of spring/summer bags that's been in my closet, and I only have ONE black bag, so I'll probably give it break for a season. But I think it's okay to carry black bags during the summer. They're good for work and night time as well.
  11. I do carry them, but I know why you asked the question because I always wonder about it when I am carrying them!
  12. While I carry black bags less in the summertime, I do on occasion. I think it depends upon your outfit and mood.

    My fav shoes are some black clogs I wear with jeans. If I have those on, the black bag comes out.

    Black is good anytime, so wear it when it suits you.
  13. I carry black all year round as well. It's the staple for handbags and goes with anything.
  14. I think black is great all year round, however, I still grab my lighter bags through Spring and Summer. That way, everyone in my closet gets an equal opportunity to see the world with me.
  15. Absolutely, a black bag can be carried in the summer! It looks really nice with a white outfit. Or maybe jeans and a white top.