Black Bag: Muse or Balenciaga Day Hobo?

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  1. Which would you go for? I would like to get both in black. I do have an ink first b-bag, but that's hand carried while the hobo is a shoulder bag! What are your thoughts?

    Any other black bags i should consider? Need something practical.

  2. Since you already have a Bbag, get the Muse. :biggrin:
  3. :shame: I guess i should have expected that comment. haha! but a gal can't have too many b-bags, can she? :nuts:
  4. I think the Muse is kind of different and would give you more possibilities, I vote for it.
  5. I'm really thinking the Bbag would be great!
  6. I vote for the Muse because its more versatile and you can dress it up or down. It's also very functional and would work great if you need to carry work papers etc.
  7. I also vote for the Muse. Are those your only two options?
  8. well, i'm open to suggestions. i really need a black casual bag, something practical.
  9. Muse :biggrin:
  10. I'd definitely go for the Balenciaga if you want something practical. Bottega Veneta has some great hobo style bags too. They are definitely worth checking out. I have a ball bag that I love.
  11. I really like the Muse :love:
  12. BV is slightly out of my budget. I guess £700 is abt the most i would spend. Also, I'm thinking of using it quite a lot, and I don't really want to pamper and worry abt the bag. I think i would be paranoid abt the woven leather on the bv just in case it starts fraying since i abuse my bag! it's on my want list though!:love:
  13. I say B Bag
  14. I had both the black City and the Muse, I just sold my City 'cause I think B.Bags are nicer in all those lovely colors they make rather than neutral colors. Besides if You already have one in ink (which is similar to black) I'd get the Muse, eventually get the B.Bag in a fun color...
  15. The bbag day hobo is a lightweight and easy to carry bag. You could shop all day and never feel it, it so light. And it fits very nicely on the shoulder!