Black bag in summer??

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  1. Happy New Year all!! This is random, but while in LV today, struck up a conversation with a gorgeous older woman, very fashionable she said that ahe would never wear a black bag in the summer. Is that weird, does anyone agree that bag colors are seasonal??
  2. I usually do not carry a black bag in summer because it doesnt seem to match my brightly colored clothing. In summer I like to bring out my candy colored bags and enjoy the pretty pastels and other colors that are hard to pull off in winter. I actually only have a few black bags- Dior, Chanel and a Goyard , other than that I am all colorful with my pink Chanels and LV's and Balenciagas . I dont think it is totally bad though- it depends on the person I guess.
  3. interesting outlook on black in the summer.

    I always considered it was a more a matter of fabric and size. I think that leather bags are always in season, even in black. I probably use smaller bags in the summer, I think it is about proportions (smaller clothes = smaller bags).
  4. Hi everyone I just joined!! I agree with Loganz - its definetely a matter of fabric and size. I use my smaller and lighter black bags all year. Its not a seasonal colour for me . However, never white in the winter!! I will never be able to wrap my head around that one.
  5. I'd carry a black bag in summer :lol: I think they are classic all the time, depending on what the outfit is of course.
  6. I carry my black bags regardless of the time of year. If it goes with what I'm wearing, I'll carry it. :biggrin:
  7. i think that if it matches your outfit, carry it. as long as it's not suede.
  8. A black bag is always good. I wear a lot of black myself. No bright colours for me. A black bag is always a classic choice. Even in the summer... (My opinion of course) :smile:

  9. Depends on what I'm wearing, I would still wear a black bag during the summer.
  10. since most of my bags are black, i also carry them in summer. like most other people here i think black goes with anything, anytime.
  11. I would with the right outfit.
  12. This reminds me of the "You can't wear white after Labor Day" rule. I carry black bags in summer, why not?
  13. i'd carry a bag if it matched my outfit no matter what season it was
  14. Wait, why can't you wear white after the Labor Day? What's the story? :weird:
  15. If it goes with your outfit, I say wear it, no matter what color. I don't see anything wrong with carrying a black bag in summer.