Black bag help needed!

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  1. #1 Jul 14, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2016
    I desperately need the perfect black bag and am struggling to find the right option. I need a medium sized black leather bag with limited branding. It has to have silver or onyx hardware (absolutely no yellow gold), a shoulder / crossbody strap and also preferably an arm carry option. I want the design to be architectural, clean, sleek. I'm careful with my bags but want this to last for years - so somewhat classic styling, quality and durability are very important. I'd like the bag to be structured and not lose it's shape over time. Price - $1-2k (but it seems I may need to go a little over that for the perfect bag??) To get to that pricing, both new or like new pre owned are fine.

    I love the LV Cluny but passed because I couldn't get over the plastic logo. I looked at the LV Lockme II but didn't fall in love. I also decided not to get the SL SDJ I am crazy about because I didn't want the heavier lined version but didn't like how unfinished the unlined version looks.

    I think I've narrowed my options down to 3 bags
    • SL monogram cabas (the YSL charm can be placed on the inside if need be)
    Gucci Soft Jackie Top Handle
    • Valentino My Rockstud

    Which do you prefer? Do you have a better suggestion I haven't considered? Thanks in advance!
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  2. I like the Valentino. :heart:

    I just think it's more as you described with the structure and minimal hardware. I also like how clean the single top handle looks.
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  3. +1
  4. I don't usually go for Gucci, but I like that one. The hardware looks very sleek and I like that there's no obvious branding. The flap on the Valentino looks like it might be fussy to use.
  5. I like the sleekness of the Valentino & also think the style is rather timeless
  6. I like the Valentino, too, but watch that thin strap. If you will be carrying this bag primarily with the shoulder strap, you'll find it uncomfortable over time because of that thin strap... Otherwise, of this collection, Valentino wins it for me.

    Posing another question for you: What type of closure are you wanting? The answer to that may help you with a decision as well.
  7. I typically like flaps but I have totes (like my Prada double zip) that I love to carry. So closure is not a huge consideration as long as it's not fully open.

    And I will be carrying this a lot via the strap so your caution on a thin one is a good catch.
  8. Here are my concerns on the three bags

    - Will the YSL loss structure too much? I don't want it to get slouchy
    - Is the Gucci too open? It has an inner strap and a top strap so I think it will be ok.
    - I worry about the Valentino looking too much like a Kelly knock off.

    Any thoughts on my worries?
  9. Well . . . even though the Valentino was my vote, my first thought WAS, in fact, that it looked like a Kelly knock-off. Which is kind of what I liked about it, but if you want to avoid that, then . . . yeah.
  10. I think I may have been confusing. I'm fine with it looking inspired by Kelly. I don't want it to look like I got a bad fake of a Kelly. LOL!
  11. LOL! I see. No, it doesn't look like a fake! It definitely looks inspired by the Kelly, but I'd say this is to the Kelly as the Sac de Jour is to the Birkin.
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  12. I really love the Gucci! The soft leather they use is super scrumptious! And I just love the piston strap closure!

    I know it's not structured, but have you considered a Balenciaga city with classic hardware? That's my everyday bag and I love it! Also the Celine Trapeze in all black is nice too, it's a little over budget but it had a good secure closure, short handle, shoulder strap, and also the bag has nice structure!
  13. Off the three you have, I would pick the Gucci. The thin strap would be a problem if you carry a lot. Maybe consider getting a shoulder pad? Something like this?


    Also, have you read this?
    I remember seeing some structure bags from The Row and 3.1 Phillip Lim that have very little hardware. Can't remember if it was from polyvore or something.
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  14. Thanks for the suggestions! I actually plan to get a Bal for my edgier days. LOL! And I don't like the Celine Trapeze - I tend not to like bags with extended gussets / sides.

    I think a shoulder strap is a great idea. I have no idea why straps on many bags are so thin. I don't carry a lot but on the occasion any of these bags are full, the shoulder pad is a nice option.
    And thanks also for the link. I think I missed that post. I like the PS hava except for the stitching.
  15. +1