Black bag goes with everything?

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  1. I tend to wear blue clothes and brown shoes/belts. Can a black bag work?
  2. I would say yes. But personally I think a brown bag better goes to that outfit.
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  3. I say absolutely Dorf! I think it can look great.
    I despise matchy-matchy looks! It's often so unimaginative.
  4. Yup.
  5. You've got good fashion sense, Dorf. Yes, it'll work!
  6. You bet that it will work.
  7. +1
    Since your other accessories are brown, I'd go with a brown bag, too.
  8. Actually I've been looking for a plain logo-free leather bag in brown, but since LV discontinued the Grizzly brown Taiga leather I haven't find a bag I like. It's a mystery why they did it. Alternativ is the new Epi leather in Moca, but there is no messengerbags (yet).
  9. Black truly goes with everything although it might not always be the best option. You are wearing all neutral colors so there's nothing in your outfit that would look off IMO.
  10. Yes it could totally work. I also don't like the whole look where EVERYTHING matches, that's too much. I used to think that black/brown would never work (typical fashion feaux pas) but I've seen plenty of examples where it does. Prime example is the Monogram Macassar line by LV.
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  11. Macassar is briliant. Works with everything :smile: