Black bag from movie "Raising Helen"

  1. I REALLY would like to know the make & model of the black hobo type bag with the rings on the side of the straps from the movie "Raising Helen" with Kate Hudson. She wore this throughout the movie and I've always wanted it!! (She also wore a tan one and I know that is from Tod's).

    Anyway, if you know this, I would be so thankful if you let me know. Especially if I can purchase one....

  2. Have you had any luck finding this bag? I'm searching for one also for a gift for a friend who is in love with that bag. Have you found any bags similar to it?
  3. Any pics, please? On the TFS forum, a poster said it's a Prada suede bag.

    Did a character in the movie try to kill a cockroach with it? :biggrin:

    Is it something like this?

    Anyone bought from intrends before - is it legit?

    Edit: I saw a pic of the bag on the TFS forum, a poster was looking for it as well, don't know if she found it eventually.
  4. Pretty sure it's Prada... there was a therad on tfs a while ago about it but i can't find it.