Black bag dilemma...

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  1. #1 Oct 5, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2010
    So as most of you know, I purchased the grey croc Audrey this past weekend and I love her so much, that I'm considering buying the black leather Audrey if I can track her down (no luck at outlets so far). But another part of me still wants to give the large Sophia a chance.. any opinions?
  2. I just bought a croc Audrey and am trying to find a black one now too!! But you might want to at least try the Sophia. I like the Sophia's but not on me :sad:
  3. I don't blame you at all for wanting another croc audrey! I bought the purple and the gray, and would be very tempted by another (but am trying for a little restraint... we'll see if I'm successful!) :P

    Good luck, I hope you find a black croc one!
  4. It's always better to get a bag at an outlet at an outlet price. I do love my Sophias, but they were PCE purchases.
  5. I think the black Sophia is very nice, especially the deep cranberry lining. I would have bought one except that I have too many black bags.
  6. I tried the Sophia but it just wasnt love at first sight...and I missed out on 2 black audreys at my outlet 2 weeks ago bc I was waiting to try out the Sophia. BAH I hate trying to chase down bags!
  7. HI,
    I say the Black Gathered Sophia!!! She is lovely!!! I have her and have been using her every day!!! I also have the Black Croc Hampton Carry All!!! (She is a little big but very nice!!!)

    Lynne :biggrin:
  8. I vote Sophia. I have the Crimson and Camel patent, and large black gathered on the way...I can't get enough of Sophia!
  9. I tried finding a pic of the black audrey on here but no avail :sad:
    I would totally get both the sophia and audrey without hesitation right this second, but I'm still waiting to return my FP croc audrey that has yet to come in!! It's hard being a college student and having an expensive hobby ;)
  10. why don't you see if your outlet would order the black croc carryall for you? GORGEOUS!
    a fellow TPF'r helped me out and let me know her outlet did it for her. so i went to mine- and told them about it- and they ordered it for me! and it's coming straight from the JAX! it's stil on the coach website- but it rings up at 30% off at the outlet and they applied the 20% off coupon!
  11. I like the way Sophia looks, but don't like how she wears on me.

    See if they can track one down for you or put you on client track (for the black Audrey)
  12. Tee hee....:graucho:

    I have this bag coming too. We are getting it on the same day. It is TDF!!!!
  13. yes ma'am! all thanks to you!!! i got my confirmation email from coach today too!

  14. Oh! Thanks for the idea!! I will definitely try to get that done tomorrow! That's so sneaky! :graucho:
  15. Yeah, this. But I'm thinking, if it worked with the carryall, maybe it will also work with the Audrey? Have you checked Coach's going once...going twice page? Both the Audrey and the carryall are on there.

    I would try going to the outlet to see if they can order the black Audrey for you at the outlet price.