Black baby OR denim coco cabas

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  1. I've decide my next bag will be a coco cabas.

    But I like both black and denim.

    which one will choose??
  2. black baby cabas. I have one in Khaki, and I love it!
  3. definitely the black. The denim is definitely more trendy.
  4. Black, no question! :yes: I have one and I use it the most often!
  5. Black, for everyday use... black caviar.. withstands scratches & matches everything. :yes:
  6. Black for sure!
    Is there anywhere that still has it?
  7. I have a black baby cabas and get complimented on it all the time! It's much more classic. I also feel the denim is more trendy. The black will be much easier to match. :yes:
  8. Black!
  9. Get your baby in black. I find the leather on my black baby cabas to be quite resilient, and it makes a great everyday bag too.

  10. Stores both department and the boutiques have been getting them in sporadically. My local boutique at the Bellagio hotel has been getting them in. I just got mine about a month ago. Call the boutique at 702.765.5505 and ask for Jason. Let him know Gina sent you. He's awesome and will take good care of you. :yes:
  11. Definitely black baby....not a fans in Denim chanel......:smile:
  12. A vote for black here too. It's more classic. And it's leather!!
  13. Another vote for the black..:idea:
  14. Black - more classic, durable and a lot easier to match!! :yes:
  15. black!! the denim is more casual and seems more like a summer bag to me.