Black Baby Coco Cabas In stock at Bellagio

  1. I have 1 on hold under my name but I won't take it. If anyone interested I'll give u the SA info via PM
  2. How much is it? I was there this past weekend but I forgot to ask the price.
  3. either 1750 or 1795
  4. why don't you want it? you don't like the style?
  5. i like them but for my 1st chanel bag i just bought classic jumbo flap & I bought mademoiselle tote yesterday (on sale). My sis has cabas satin & my mom has white baby cabas.. I can just borrow it from them... :tup:
  6. i c. thanks. i wish i have relatives to borrow bags from. lucky you.
  7. I'm interested, is it still available? Please send me the details. Thanks!