Black Baby Cabas or Brooklyn Cabas Tote

  1. Hi everyone,

    I saw the brooklyn cabas tote in NM yesterday, and fell in love with it. But its price is a lot more than the black baby cabas. Which one do you think is better ?
  2. The Brooklyn of course! I love the leather cobo and it's so eyecatching!:drool:
  3. I vote for the Brooklyn! It's very chic looking.
  4. The Brooklyn is nms
  5. Do you guys think the Brooklyn HOBO is cuter or the flap ?
    thank you so much for your inputs!
  6. I personally prefer the baby cabas, but if you love the brooklyn the go for it :yes:
  7. IMHO, I feel that the Brooklyn cabas tote is a 'trendy' bag that will not last for many seasons, my vote goes to the baby cabas.... then again, you should go with your heart... personally I prefer the brooklyn flap to the tote..

    Good luck on your decision.
  8. I think the hobo is cuter and more elegant!:tup:personally I never liked the flaps in the Luxe ligne =too thick for flaps! but ok this is just MO!;)
  9. I like the cabas more than the brooklyn. Not crazy about the patchwork.
  10. The Brooklyn just arrived at NM San Antonio and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Baby Cabas.
  12. Brooklyn rocks :love:
  13. I had the Brooklyn Cabas-the really big one and it was way too big. I exchanged it for the n/s brooklyn tote and I love it! However, I am an original cabas lover-so both are great choices...Go for the Cabas.
  14. Baby Cabas!
  15. i prefer the classic one, so i vote for baby cabas..