Black baby cabas or black caviar jumbo flap?

  1. Hello! It's going to be my first chanel and I'm torn between the two. Hope you could help me choose. TIA! ;)
  2. Honestly-I'd go to a store and try them both on. They're SO vastly different it's hard to say. I'd probably say the jumbo since it's a classic but it really just depends on your taste. Good luck!
  3. Depends on your style too... and what are you using it?

    like everyday bag?

    baby cabas is more trendy and jumbo flap is more classy
  4. Thanks! Im kind of leaning towards the baby cabas but i found the flap really classy... Oh my...
  5. I love jumbo flap more than the baby cabas....however, i will try it on for both and see which one suits me best!!
  6. Thanks for your opinion!!
  7. That's a tough one! I have both and love them equally. It really comes down to personal taste. Of course the cabas is a bit less expensive, so that would help my decision. ;)
  8. I would go with the Jumbo Flap. It's a classic that you can use for years to come!
  9. I used to think def the cabas, but after getting a few jumbos , I love them, they look great slung low messenger style and great carried with the strap doubled. I say get the jumbo, its a great bag for ever. Gorgeous, I love the new chain jumbos, my favorite!
  10. I prefer the jumbo flap!
  11. Now Im leaning towards the jumbo flap... Thank you all!! :yes:
  12. Jumbo flap unless you're tiny or shorter. It's a big bag. I'm sorry I didn't get the medium flap instead. Maybe I'll just have to get another one!
  13. Totally different bags and I don't think there is really comparing the two b/c they are so different.

    Personally, I'd get the jumbo. Not only will it just continue to go up in price, I just love it. It is my favorite Chanel and gets almost daily use. Granted, I am not a fan of the Cabas whatsoever though so the choice is easy for me.
  14. I have both, but if only allowed one I'd pick the jumbo. That will be a timeless bag whereas I do admit, the cabas is a bit more trendy. Also, the jumbo is more versatile IMO form day to night or dressy. The baby cabas is more only for day, at least for me.
  15. baby cabas first! :yes: