black baby cabas available now!!

  1. My SA in Dallas is holding one under my name (Larkie) but I already have one. Pls call Alexis at 214 520 1056 if you want it. He can only hold it for me till end of day as he has a long waitlist. good luck!
  2. i already posted this in the shopping forum but since time is of the essence i thought i'd post this here as well. My SA at the boutique in Dallas is holding one in my name (Larkie). Pls call Alexis at 214 520 1056 as he can only hold it for one day. Good luck!!
  3. Hi, how much is it? Would you have any pics? Thanks.
  4. it is 1995; there should be plenty of pix in the reference library :smile:
  5. Thanks! :tup:
  6. I just got this bag and it is the bigger size of the babies.

    I love this bag! Congrats to who ever snags it!!
  7. Tell Alexis Amanda says Hi! :biggrin: He's my boutique SA.

    Hav to merge this w/ the other, we don't allow duplicates please.
  8. ldldb - thanks for posting! This bag is gone, but Alexis took my name for a future shipment. Said he had room on the reserve list. Thanks so much!
  9. ^^yay, i hope you get your cabas. Isn't Alexis so sweet? I hope it was a tpfer who snagged "my" bag!!