Black b-bag

  1. I really want one in first. Is the black available every season? TIA!
  2. Yup, black & white are available every season :yes:
  3. yes. just like verty said. now the question is.... what year leather to get it in????
  4. ^good point :yes:

    I want a black first or city at some point.. but was always told to look for a 04 or 05... but in the "awards" thread there as an 07 that looked like it had amazing leather!!
  5. ^ OMG i know i saw that leather!!!!! i hate how it's so hit or miss with almost all 06's (I had some really bad leathers). but i heard the 07's are better... haven't felt an 07 yet. I'm old school though rockin the 04 tiwggy.
  6. I have an 07 Black first that I purchased from BalNY. I LOVE that bag! It has wonderful leather.
  7. ^good to know there are 07 black firsts out there with nice leather cause if i sent back my city that's what i want!

    i think the 07 leathers vary. my vert has gorgeous leather (but i dont have an 04 or 05 to compare to), but i just sent back a truffe that had hideous leather :yes:.. hopefully it'll just get better (and more consitent) with every season:wlae:
  8. I have a 07 Work bag. Yup, the leather is thick, smooth and smooshy but a tad shiny for me.
  9. I also think that 04 and 05 leathers are the best but I also have to say that I LOVE my '06 black city:love:- I must have gotten lucky I think:yes:
    Leather comparison from top to bottom:
    Black SS 05 First
    Rouge Vif 06 Purse
    Black SS 06 City
  10. MarieG, you're right, the leather on your 06 City looks soft and smooshy! It is a real beauty. :heart:
  11. Thank you, Chuggie!:flowers::heart:
  12. hope you find one in yummy leather!
  13. Wow Marie - That bag is a beauty!!! Love the charm too!!! :heart:
  14. Thank you,Purse-Ooooh!:yes::heart:
  15. Where do you buy these braided Charms? I love it! And the bag off cause... Surely does not look like an 'O6 :drool: