Black Artsy MM or Chanel GST

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  1. Hello ladies! Looking for some advice.. I was all set to purchase the Chanel GST in black. But that was before I learned of the new black empreinte color. I currently own the artsy in infini - but I only purchased it last year because I was told there would never be a black empreinte color. So my question to you is which bag do I buy?? Black artsy which I've always dreamed would be available? Or start with Chanel and sell infini artsy to fund the black one?
  2. Someone already asked this question on here, but like I said before most of us LV ladies will say get the Black Empreinte. I have both the GST and the Lumi Black Empreinte. I love my GST, but it is not very comfortable, it is classy, but slips off the shoulder. If you want pretty and functional, I would go with LV and go with any Black Empreinte item, even the Artsy gets more comfortable with time than the GST.
  3. In my opinion (owning the Infini Artsy and having seen the black in person) there's not enough of a difference between the two to own both. I would go with the GST, since you already have an Artsy and there's not a huge difference. Good luck!
  4. Chanel gst👍👍
    I only want artsy in mono
  5. chanel!