Black artsy empreinte reveal and questions

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  1. This reveal is not doing this bag justice as it is a really beautiful bag and my photos suck. I love the bag but at the same time trying to figure out if it overwhelms me. I'm just not used to really large bags. Would love opinions. For those who have the artsy, did any of you start off feeling apprehensive but end up loving it?
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  2. It's beautiful on you. You probably just have to get used it if you don't carry large bags usually. Enjoy!
  3. looks great on you!
  4. Your photos don't suck. :smile: Looks great! Try it with some of your most worn outfits and walk around and see how you like it. I personally think it looks very nice! :smile:
  5. Congrats
  6. Your Artsy is beautiful and you wear her well.
  7. Love your artsy!! Looks great on you. I felt like mine was huge at first too but now it's one of my favorite bags. As you wear it more it'll drape beautifully and then it won't feel too big at all.
  8. Thank you ladies! I dressed her up with a charm and put some of my stuff in it and I think we've bonded. :smile:


    One tidbit I forgot to mention earlier: it had the new price tag on the dust bag of $3150!
  9. I said it when I saw you in LV today and I'll say it again, this bag is gorgeous! It looks fantastic on you!! I have the mono artsy and get nothing but complements in this bag. I think the black empreinte is a total win, and I wouldn't have said so if I didn't believe it :smile: congrats!!
  10. It is lovely! It will soften up and be more comfortable with time. Try a colored bandeau too and it will completely change the look,
  11. That Artsy is gorgeous. The bag looks really good on you. You'll get used to the size after carrying it around for a few days.
  12. Congrats, so glad you bonded. :smile: Beautiful bag, and it does look nice on you!
  13. [​IMG]

    Wow, another black Empreinte reveal... congrats on your wonderful Artsy.
  14. An absolutely stunning bag and it looks great on you!! Looks even better with the charms ;)
  15. So beautiful!!! I think it look great on you. This bag is definitely now on my wishlist.