Black Arena Wallet

  1. Really cute but that price could be half a bag.
  2. What is retail of this wallet?
  3. is it a mini compagnon?
    in LP's blog it stated for $495
  4. I made her an offer on it, but she never accepts my offers. I have been wanting a black wallet, but I dont want to pay more than a new one from Balny would cost. Would LOVE to find an INK one somewhere. I kinda missed the boat on that one.
  5. ^ Ha, she never accepts my offers either.
  6. ^Ditto

    I've only seen her accept an offer once or twice because it was only $20 below her BIN.
  7. ^nor mine! And then the next week she lowers the price to my offer that she rejected. :confused1:
  8. I also think the price is just too high. I bought a full size Ink Compagnon this morning for $450 (Doh! Donna's gonna boddy slam me!). $499 for a little one is too much.

    Donna, don't hate me! Although I think you prefer the small ones anyway.
  9. Barney's Seattle has a lot of black & rouge wallets two weeks ago. Everything looks great IRL.

    I don't have their no though.
  10. I have this wallet ... it's actually the "Ni Compagnon" and it retails for $375 here in the US.

    It's very cute, but I don't actually use it as a wallet per se (since I also have the Compagnon). I actually use it for spare change and other incidentals.
  11. okay girl, I must have missed that one! But just remember me when you dont want it anymore.:crybaby: I'll be fine....really I will.:crybaby:
  12. ~phew!~ I was starting to think it was just me! If she would accept our very reasonable offers, she would save alot of listing money dontcha think?:confused1:
  13. :crybaby: I hear you! Here's my baby eBay: BALENCIAGA COMPAGNON WALLET/INK (item 330047265263 end time Nov-06-06 22:51:08 PST)
    I actually first did a BO of $400. Seconds later a panic came over me that someone clever will just pull the BIN trigger and it will slip through my hands. I couldn't live with that! So I BINd over my own BO.

    You will be the first when I'm ready to unload this one. Although I guess that by then you will have 15 of your own :wlae:
  14. Yeah, I thought it was too high too. Plus even if it was $50.00 under - it nice to buy from Bal NY since they keep your name in their database, treat you like a queen (sometimes) etc. worth the extra $$ to me.

    Good to know about the rejected offers. I was going to offer about $400.00 for that gray thing she has (had?) listed. I was thinking about pouring turkey juice/gravy to make it as dark as thehandles lol

    guess I won't bother even though she has a best offer on it. I'm sure she'd be insulted