Black Arena Matelasse!

  1. OMG I :heart: this bag! I had one in my hands at NM but left it behind - I've been kicking myself ever since. Too bad I'm on a ban until March :crybaby: Someone has to get this so I can live vicariously.:graucho:
  2. it's so pretty! i bought one at Barneys and then returned it- $1800.00 is just too much (even though it's VERY lovely). Looks like a person would have to pick this up in person (or am i misunderstanding?).

    i hope i can find a gently used one!
  3. That listing says they'll ship worldwide. You should go for it Mercer! It's $200 off retail plus no tax... Not bad.
  4. ^^that's funny- she must have revised her auction, initially it said that you had to pick it up in person. you know, i think i'm going to pass. between customs and shipping, it probably would almost end up costing the same as retail. oh well! i'll keep looking!
  5. what a nice bag!!!!