Black Annie in my basket??

  1. I currently have a black Annie in my basket do I or don't I??
  2. DO IT , DO It , DO IT - quick before its goes !!!!!
  3. Do it! :nuts:
    It's such a classic bag - and such a great price! I have been contemplating it myself, but have been obsessing over another bag lately, so have decided to stick with my original plan :shame:

    I'm sure you would get so much use out of a black Annie, so if the funds are available, I say do it! :tup:
  4. I`m def back into Hof tomorrow all this talk of annies has got me going:choochoo:

    I think I shall get a blk one also !!!!

    Quick Rachiem buy yours before it goes , its such a bargain !!!
  5. Do it rachie! You can always return it, and the most you'll lose is the postage. If you can stretch to it now, it's really a great price, and if you love the bag (which I gather you do ;)) it would be a great buy.

    If you're anything like me, you don't want to spend the next 6 months obsessing about it, and trying to track one down at the outlets!!

    :shame: Having said that, I did deliberate about getting the black too at that price, and so far I've held off. I do have a tendancy to get bored of things, and I like to be able to ring the changes with my bags (and clothes for that matter) I really don't need another black bag right now, and I'm wondering if I did get it, would it only give me half the pleasure each time I use both of them? That probably makes no sense at all, and actually, I'm not sure it does to me!

    But I think that if you love it, and if you think you might want to get one in 6 months time, then snap it up girl!:tup:
  6. I love the Annie and already have a choc/oak one, so maybe owning 2 might be a bit greedy??
  7. Do you have a black bag ???
  8. Do It!!! Do It!!! You Sooooooooo Won't Regret It!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxx
  9. good point, no!!
  10. darn.I just refreshed my basket and it's gone!!!
    I'm going to let fate decide this, if another one becomes available then it's got my name on it!!!
    I really wanted one but was so pleased with myself for resisting and my bag ban starts tomorrow (although I'll treat myself for my birthday in july)
  11. must admit it's my Phoebes first outing today, and shes sat next to my crimble tree looking fantastic, perhaps I should enjoy what I've got first??
    (unless fate intervenes, of course)
  12. I ordered a black Annie and the wait is killing me, I'm praying it will come today :hysteric:
  13. Me too. Hurry up UPS man! :hysteric:
  14. Mine arrived 2 hours ago and it's going back. I've got my sensible head on - it's too similar to my Phoebe and the straps are a little bit too short for me. It's beautiful, though, and the smell is amazing :yes: Hope the rest of you who ordered them are happy with them.

    Still, it's got the Annie out of my system so I'm delighted to be keeping the Stam instead :yahoo:
  15. Oooh it's just arrived and I love it :heart: